Reolink Duo Reset Button

How to Reset the Reolink Duo Camera to Factory Default

In this article, I show how to reset the Reolink Duo Cameras.If you lost the camera’s password or just need to reset it to start a new configuration from scratch, you are in the right place 😉I have two Reolink Duo Wi-Fi cameras in my lab, and I tested the procedure before writing this article, so rest […]

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Wyze Cam has a Grainy Picture [Solved]

Do you have your Wyze Cam with a grainy picture?I’ve seen that happen before with my own Wyze V2 and Pan cameras.But don’t worry, there are always to reduce or eliminate this problem.Why does my Wyze Cam have a grainy picture?Well, there are different things that can make your camera look grainy.The most commons are:High […]

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Blink XT2 Home Security Camera

Is Blink XT2 Discontinued?

Have you ever wondered what happened to the Blink XT2?The popular home security system was discontinued.It’s not available on Amazon, but you can still find the Blink XT2 on e-Bay.What is Blink XT2?The Blink XT2 is a camera that offers many features and benefits. It’s also one of the most inexpensive home security camera systems […]

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ADT contract

How to Cancel ADT Contract Without Penalty [ You Must Read This ]

If you want to cancel the ADT contract without penalty, you must know what your options are. Let’s discuss what can be done, keep reading.There are a few different ways to do this – some of them are more difficult than others, but it worth a try.I will discuss each one of these so that […]

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Amcrest Baby Monitor

How to set up the Amcrest Baby Monitor (ASH21) in under 3 minutes

In this article, I show how to set up the Amcrest Baby Monitor (ASH21).The process is very simple, and it takes less than 3 minutes.Let’s get started.Steps to set up the Amcrest Baby MonitorThe Amcrest Baby Monitor (also know as Amcrest WiFi or Pet camera) has a connector for network cable connection, and it also […]

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Apple Homekit

Apple HomeKit: What You Need to Know

Apple HomeKit has made it easier than ever to set up a smart home.But Apple isn’t the first company to offer this type of service, and there are many other options out there that you can choose from.So is Apple HomeKit worth it? And what about Siri?In this article, we’ll help you decide if Apple […]

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How to reset the Amcrest Baby Monitor AHS21 [ Under 2 minutes ]

Here’s how to reset the Amcrest Baby Monitor ASH21 in under 2 minutes.The process is very simple since you don’t need any tools. After the reset, the camera comes back to its original default settings.[ This model is also known as Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan/Tilt camera ]So, let’s get started.How to reset the Amcrest ASH21Please follow this step-by-step […]

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Control4 VS Creston Home Automation

Control4 vs Creston: Which Home Automation System is Better?

When you’re looking for a home automation system, it can be hard to know which one is the best option. So, let’s Compare Control4 VS Creston.There are many different systems on the market today that offer a variety of features and benefits. One such company is Control4, which provides everything from lighting control to security monitoring […]

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Reset Reolink Argus PT

How to reset the Reolink Argus PT [Fast]

Let’s see how to reset the Reolink Argus PT under 2 minutes!This procedure is useful if can’t login to the camera because you don’t remember the password or if you sold the camera and need to reset it to factory default.The steps to reset the cameraYou gonna need a reset needle that comes with the […]

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Smarthome Security App

Are Smart Home Security Systems Safe? The truth, facts and myths.

How much are you willing to invest in your safety?Smart home security systems have become more and more popular over the last few years. But are these systems really worth the investment?Let’s take a look at some of the facts, myths, and truths about smart home security systems.The truth about home security systemsThere is no such […]

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