ADT System

What is the ADT alarm bypass?

Alarms are a part of everyday life. You wake up to an alarm, secure your home with your alarm, and even have your car alarm you when you aren’t wearing your seatbelt. In this post, we will discuss the ADT alarm bypass. What is ADT? ADT is a commonly known company with connections all over […]

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Echo red ring

Why is Alexa Voice Routine Not Working?

Amazon’s Alexa is a worthy investment that has spread into everyone’s home. Nowadays, everything can be automated using this smart speaker. Let’s talk about why your Alexa routine is not working. Lights turning on, alarms to wake you up, and music to put you to sleep are all made possible through Alexa and can all […]

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How to Reset Blink Sync Module?

Have you recently had trouble with your Blink Sync Module? Sometimes technology needs a little push to come back stronger. Let’s learn how to reset your Blink Sync Module in this article.  The blink sync module is not only tiny and discrete, but it’s also modern in comparison to other smart cameras in the market […]

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How to reset Chromecast audio

Chromecast is one of Google’s most popular devices today. It makes a great addition to your already tech-savvy home. Stream through your devices, and let the whole family access the remote at once. But even Chromecast needs a little resetting here and there. Let’s learn how to reset your Chromecast audio. If you are experiencing […]

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Can Chromecast use Bluetooth?

This little device does it all. It is a great gadget and maintains an affordable price. The Google Chromecast allows you to share or “cast” the media from your phone, tablet, or computer to your TV in an instant. Does C Bluetooth? Chromecast uses Bluetooth. Though this is a standard question, there seem to be mixed […]

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Nest Cam

How to view Nest Cam on Google Home Hub

Everyday tasks are made easier with smart home devices and apps. We can keep an eye on what matters to us by using Nest cams, and by linking them with our Google home hub, we can stream video and stay on top of events in our home. Let’s discuss how to view Nest Cam on […]

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Blink camera

How to turn off the Blue LED on Blink cameras

Smile, you’re on camera! Sometimes, you want your cameras to be unnoticeable, but LED lights on the cameras can make them highly noticeable. Learn how to turn off Blue LED lights on Blink cameras. Cameras can be great to keep people in check and make them feel that every move they make is being watched. […]

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Ring alarm system cost

Ring App Keep Crashing (Quick Fix)

Knock Knock. That is old news. Who even knocks anymore? Let’s discuss what to do when the Ring app keeps crashing. Feature loaded, Ring is a popular company that seems to be on everyone’s front door. This completely overtook doorbells and made it better than expected. Ring is the new way to know someone is […]

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Nest Cameras

Nest Hello Keeps Going Offline

With today’s increase in technology, the world is slowly becoming a safer place. But we should still be cautious, especially at the entrance of our homes. Let’s talk about why your Nest Hello is going offline.  One of the most important things to have when you own security systems is reliability. Under various situations, your […]

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Fire TV Cube

Does Fire TV Cube have audio output?

Amazon’s Alexa has been one of the most popular home speakers this decade has seen. From Echo Flex to Show, there is now a Fire TV Cube. Let’s talk about the Fire TV Cube’s audio output. What is the Amazon Fire TV Cube? The Cube is a streaming service provided to you hands-free; basically adding […]

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