How to Reset a Wyze Thermostat

Wyze Thermostats are a cost-effective and straightforward method to convert your standard thermostat into a smart home system, but what happens if your Wyze thermostat fails? In this article, I will cover how to reset a Wyze Thermostat. Let’s take a look at when you should reset your thermostat and go through how to do […]

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Apple Airpods

How to connect Apple Airpods to Samsung TV?

Do you want to know if you can listen to your TV on AirPods? This post will walk you through how you can connect Apple Airpods to Samsung TV. These are both excellent pieces of technology, and if you want to use them together, the good news is that you can do so quite quickly […]

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ADT alarm going off for no reason (How to Fix)

There isn’t much that could be more irritating than an alarm that keeps going off for no apparent reason. So, how can you stop your ADT alarm going off for no reason?  If your ADT alarm is going off, it’s most likely due to a power outage, a ADT battery failure, or a wiring issue. […]

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How to use Alexa to control a Hisense TV

Hey Alexa! These little speakers from Amazon are taking over. One could ask if they can use Alexa to control a Hisense TV. Let’s find out. We are surrounded by high-tech gadgets everywhere, from cellphones to smart TVs. We even have machines that we can chat with and ask for answers to our questions.  Alexa […]

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How to stop ADT low battery beeping

How I wish things ran on no batteries and everything was wireless. But alas, we still have to monitor the devices that monitor us and make sure they are up and running. This post will cover how to stop ADT low battery beeps. If you need to turn off ADT alarm without the code, then […]

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Blink camera

Does Blink work with Google Home?

One of the numerous advantages of recent technology breakthroughs is smart home integration. However, all these devices don’t always get along. Does Blink work with Google Home? As a consequence of the rapid and expanding technological world, customers now have more alternatives to choose from, with Google Home outshining many people’s wish lists.  These home […]

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Ring Video Doorbell 2

Ring Doorbell Flashing Blue

Ring devices are, without a doubt, high-quality equipment. What you don’t expect are continuous false alarms and startling awakenings in the early hours of the morning. However, circumstances do not always dictate perfection, and if your Ring Doorbell continues to flash blue, here are a couple of solutions. Do you notice your Video Doorbell’s blue […]

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Does Chromecast work without internet?

Chromecast is a device that allows you to stream videos from your phone or tablet to your smart TV. But one issue that often arises is whether or not my Chromecast can work without the internet. If the following does not work, you can always reset your Google Chromecast. This is not to be confused […]

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Ring Spotlight Cam

Can You Use a Ring Spotlight Cam Without the Bridge?

Beep beep! Imagine a world with no bridges. How much harder would it be to get around? That logic can be applied to home security systems. Can you use the Ring Spotlight Cam without the Bridge? Many smart home security systems require the usage of a “bridge .” Essentially, this gadget serves as a hub […]

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Ring Video Doorbell-2 wires

How to Reset a Ring Doorbell

If you’re gifting or selling your Ring Doorbell, you’ll want to reset it, so it’s ready for a new owner. This post will teach you how to reset a Ring Doorbell. If you’re having problems with your gadget, you must fix it as soon as possible. Your Ring is an asset to your home and […]

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