ADT Battery Replacement Cost

Nowadays, electricity is needed to run everything, even cars. But to power many of our home security devices, we need to use batteries. Let’s talk about the cost of replacing ADT batteries.

Sadly, batteries cannot last a lifetime, though we wish they could. This is the reality for many gadgets in our home due to lack of connection to constant power, which can be a big negative. 

Nevertheless, batteries in our home systems allow us to be more mobile and place the gadgets wherever as they do not need to be tied down to an outlet.

What kinds of ADT gadgets use batteries?

cost of replacing ADT batteries

You might be wondering how to change the battery on a ADT window or door sensors. However, there are various gadgets made by ADT, such as smoke alarms and detectors, cameras, and control panels that utilize batteries to continue running. 

Where to buy ADT batteries?

These are batteries you might not commonly find in your grocery store or your local retailer. You can easily find them in online stores like Amazon or Walmart.

Each ADT device might have a different battery, and with that comes varying price points. I will break down the cost of replacing ADT batteries for each category.

How to know if you have to replace the battery in your ADT device

There are various ways that ADT devices alert their users about the lack of battery. One of the most common ways you will know that your device needs a battery change is a message on the app or on the device’s keypad.

Nevertheless, ADT devices can go off if the battery runs out; though this will alert you that you need to replace it, it can cause chaos. First off, it is a harsh, irritating sound that continuously repeats.

This is what we call a “False Alarm.” However, if the alarm is not stopped, it will be charged as a False Alarm and cause a hefty fine to be charged to your account. 

It is crucial to maintain, replace, and recharge your ADT device’s batteries to avoid paying the heavy fines you will be charged. Devices such as these keep you and your family safe, but only if cared for. 

Cost of replacing ADT batteries

Since the ADT brand produces various types of devices, they each have their power source. Keep in mind that prices are not set and can fluctuate from store to store.

Type of deviceBattery Needed
Door and Window SensorsCR123A Batteries
Panel Box12V UB1270 Batteries
Keypad [Touchscreen]4.8V, 2000mAh Batteries
Smart Command Security Panel3.7V, 10,000mAh Batteries
Pulse DoorbellMust be purchased through ADT
Outdoor CameraThe pack can only be purchased through Blue by ADT

Before buying batteries for your device, guarantee that you purchase the correct batteries for the device you are shopping for. You can find that information in the user’s manual.

Older equipment might not utilize the same batteries as the new devices. Therefore, you must search for your device’s model and its correct battery kind.

What is the average lifespan for ADT batteries?

Batteries placed on the ADT security panel are examples of batteries only used for power outages. In this case, since the battery is used for such little time on end, it can last 3-5 years. The same is valid for sensor batteries. 

Other batteries available are called long-term batteries, which allow users to remove the battery and recharge. Thus, creating less pollution and a greener and more eco-friendly option that saves you money.

You can always contact ADT and check your plan. Some of them include a free battery replacement once a year for your devices. This is a great way to ensure you get your money’s worth.

The bottom line

Overall, replacing ADT batteries can be easy and inexpensive, especially if you get them for free with the right plan. Contacting ADT will allow you to pick one up locally, or they can ship you one for a low price. 

However, nowadays, more and more batteries are rechargeable, allowing you to spend less money on replacements. Yet, this does not mean you can ignore your devices; you should still take the time to keep up with the proper maintenance to keep them in top shape.

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