Smart Devices

Smart Devices

Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch ON OFF Position

Do smart bulbs work with normal light switches?

Do smart bulbs work with normal light switches?Yeah, chances are you are here because you want an answer to this question.Believe me; I’ve been there. When I was shopping around, I asked myself if I could just buy a Philips hue smart bulb and replace my regular light bulb even if I didn’t have a […]

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controlling smart home

How to secure your smart home devices

It’s important learn how to secure your smart home devices because security breaches in smart homes are on the rise, and it’s not just about consumers.A cyber breach in a home automation system can be fatal, such as when an unauthorized person can insert malware into an electrical grid that controls power plants and substations. A […]

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How to reset Google Chromecast

Are you having trouble with your Google Chromecast? That can happen from time to time; technology isn’t exactly a perfect science. In this article, I will cover how to reset Google Chromecast. Losing connection to your device might happen if you get a new route. But worry not; resetting Google’s Chromecast is incredibly easy, whether […]

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Smart Bulb

Do LED bulbs save money on my energy bill?

I’ve seen people asking the question, “Do LED bulbs save money on my energy bill?” So I decided to write this article to talk about this interesting topic.I will dig deeper into the details, but first, hand here’s the quick answer.Yes, LED bulbs can save money on your energy bill because they use on average 75% less […]

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locking doors with phone

Smart home advantages and disadvantages

In a smart home, you will find both: advantages and disadvantages. However, I can guarantee that there is a big advantage of Smart Homes.You may feel a little lost at first when you are faced with so many companies and products competing with each other to offer you the best products. Besides, you need to […]

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Smart Home Control

Are smart homes a good idea?

Are smart homes a good idea? It’s a question that many people are asking themselves these days. If you’re wondering whether or not to invest in one, this article will help answer any questions you have and provide some sound advice on the pros and cons of smart home technology. The convenience of a smart […]

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Can Cortana Control Smart Home Devices?

Cortana is the Windows Virtual assistant, and she can do a lot of things.She can help you with your schedule, provide you with information that interests you, and much more.This virtual assistant used to work with smart devices, but that’s not the case anymore. It was just an idea that was left behind.Cortana no longer […]

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Smart home

What is considered a smart home?

A smart home is a residence equipped with various devices that automate tasks that we do daily—making our lives that much easier and us that much lazier.Using a mobile phone to unclock the doorSome products already have the technology to be controlled remotely; others use sensors to connect to the rest of the system. Owners […]

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why smart homes are important

Why should you have a smart home?

Having a Smart Home nowadays is not too difficult a task. In fact, many homes are becoming increasingly smarter at inexpensive prices. But the million-dollar question this article will answer is: “why should you have a smart home?”.The answer is very simple and quick to understand; with a set of devices, you can make your […]

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prevent smart locks from being hacked

Can smart home locks be hacked?

Knock knock. Can smart locks be hacked? This article will go over how to prevent smart locks from being hacked as nothing is 100% secure.Keep on reading to learn how you can benefit from new technology in the market and how to prepare yourself against technological invaders.The locks that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are a […]

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