How to use Alexa to control a Hisense TV

Hey Alexa! These little speakers from Amazon are taking over. One could ask if they can use Alexa to control a Hisense TV. Let’s find out. We are surrounded by high-tech gadgets everywhere, from cellphones to smart TVs. We even have machines that we can chat with and ask for answers to our questions.  Alexa […]

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Echo red ring

Why is Alexa Voice Routine Not Working?

Amazon’s Alexa is a worthy investment that has spread into everyone’s home. Nowadays, everything can be automated using this smart speaker. Let’s talk about why your Alexa routine is not working. Lights turning on, alarms to wake you up, and music to put you to sleep are all made possible through Alexa and can all […]

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Amazon show

How Do I Connect Nest to Alexa?

Watching and monitoring your cameras no longer has to be in a particular location with desktops. Now, you can observe your home and its surroundings from your phone or smart device. In this post, you will learn how to connect Nest to Alexa. Set both your devices up Before connecting both devices, we must first […]

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Echo red ring

Why does my Echo have a red ring?

So, your Alexa device has a red ring, and you don’t know what is happening?Don’t worry; in this article, I explain what the red LED indicates and how you can make your Alexa device come back to its normal state.The Alexa light notificationAlexa devices use light notifications to let you know their status and warn […]

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Alexa connected to MyQ

How to connect Chamberlain MyQ to Alexa

Do you want to connect your Chamberlain MyQ garage door opener to Alexa?The good news is that it is possible to do that.Well, there’s no direct connection between MyQ and Alexa, but there’s an alternative way to get the job done. So just keep reading to learn more.You can connect the Chamberlain MyQ garage door […]

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Woman turns Alexa volume down

Alexa and Google Home for Seniors

We are living in a time where technology is advancing at an exponential rate. We have the ability to do things that our grandparents could never even dream of doing! For example, one way that we can help those elderly who may not be able to live on their own anymore is by making their […]

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Control4 with Alexa

Does control4 work with Alexa?

Virtual assistants are spread everywhere, especially with a giant like Amazon pushing its own. So people that have high-level automation systems are interested to know if Control4 is compatible with Alexa, Google Home or Siri.Source: Control4In this article, I address the question, “Does Control4 work with Alexa?”If you have your home fully automated, the good […]

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Echo Show

What is Amazon Alexa

In this article, I answer the simple question, “What is Amazon Alexa?”In some cases, people even prefer to ask, “Who is Alexa?” because “she” talks to everyone and looks like a real person, so why not think of her in such a way? Get to know AlexaLet’s take an explanatory tour to get to know Alexa […]

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Amazon Echo Flex

How to reset the Echo Flex to factory default settings

In this article, I show how to reset the Echo Flex to factory default.The reset is very simple and takes less than 5 minutes.The step-by-step reset processMake sure the device is connected to the Internet.Follow the steps to reset the Echo Flex to the factory default settings.Press the mute button;Check if the LED is amber;Press […]

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Wyze Band Voice and Privacy Message

How to add Wyze Band to Alexa

In this article, I explain how to add the Wyze Band to Alexa.The Wyze band can help you to control your Wyze devices using voice commands.It’s so cool to tap a device on your wrist and talk to it, isn’t it? 🙂Let’s take a look at how to do that…Wyze Band and Alexa IntegrationI assume […]

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