How to use Alexa to control a Hisense TV

Hey Alexa! These little speakers from Amazon are taking over. One could ask if they can use Alexa to control a Hisense TV. Let’s find out.

We are surrounded by high-tech gadgets everywhere, from cellphones to smart TVs. We even have machines that we can chat with and ask for answers to our questions. 

Alexa and other smart technology are being used to help us operate other smart gadgets throughout our entire house. This is such an innovative and fun way to spice up all your home gadgets that much more and have them be everything you want them to be.

Can I use Alexa to control a Hisense TV?

Depending on your Hisense TV model, you may be able to manage it with Alexa. There are currently just two Hisense TV models that come with Alexa built-in. 

They do, however, offer ten different models that may be used with Alexa via an Alexa device. It is critical to examine the model of Hisense TV to obtain the appropriate functionality, especially if you want to activate Alexa along with it. 

Not all smart TVs are created equal. The capabilities of older smart TVs differ from those of the latest generation of smart TVs. Nevertheless, whether your TV is smart or not, if it does not have Alexa on it, you can always find a loophole around it and use the Amazon Firestick as a second choice.

Widely compatible

Alexa is a great investment because it has so many brands it can connect with, maybe you want to connect Alexa to Nest to monitor your home. No issue! Or could you even connect Alexa to MyQ to open your automatic garage door? Of course you can.

As small as an Alexa device may get, they re the definition of tiny but mighty. Plus, the prices are highly affordable and if you are a Prime member, you will have it faster than you can imagine.

Are All Smart TVs Compatible With Alexa? 

Alexa is compatible with select Hisense smart TV models. Other smart TV models, however, are available. Alexa’s ability to manage any smart TV would bring another degree of ease to home living. 

Alexa integration is not possible on older smart TVs due to a lack of built-in technologies.┬áThis is because Alexa isn’t compatible with most smart TVs.

Additionally, if a smart TV isn’t included among Alexa’s skills, it won’t work with Alexa. To allow Alexa to manage a smart TV, that TV’s Alexa skill must be activated.

How Do I Turn On My Hisense Smart TV’s Voice Control? 

Hisense smart TVs allow users to manage their televisions using voice commands. This feature necessitates using a voice remote, which is not included with the TV. 

Another option is to install the Hisense RemoteNOW app on your smartphone. Voice control is also possible with Alexa-enabled devices. 

Both a Hisense account and an Alexa account are required to activate the Hisense voice control. To enable, follow the instructions below:

  1. To begin the setup process using the remote and app, push the microphone button. 
  2. You’ll need to go into the “TV settings,” followed by “System,” then “Amazing Alexa Service,” and lastly, “Alexa Service Setup” if you have an Alexa-enabled device. 
  3. This will then provide you with more setup instructions. 
  4. To link the TV to an Alexa account, you’ll need to input the code displayed on your TV. 
  5. The Alexa app will be required to enable the skills for Alexa on the TV. 
  6. Go to skills in the Alexa app and search for Hisense Smart TV. 
  7. After that, you’ll be able to use your Alexa app or Alexa-enabled devices to manage your Hisense TV.

When you complete these procedures, the Hisense TV will be ready for voice control. Following that, we’ll look at how to use speech to operate the Hisense TV once it’s been activated. 

What is Hisense Voice Control, and How Do I Use It? 

Following on from the voice control activation, the next step is to learn how to utilize it. The voice control system may perform many of the same tasks as your remote. 

Additional voice control options may be available depending on the Hisense TV model.

Follow these steps to activate Voice Control via remote or app: 

  1. First, the microphone button should be pressed. 
  2. You may then ask Alexa questions or control an Alexa-connected item from there. “Alexa, turn on the bedroom light,” for example. 
  3. The instructions are unique to the device’s name. “Alexa, crank up the volume on Hisense TV,” for example, may be a command for a Hisense TV. 

If you don’t have access to a remote or an app, you can use an Alexa-enabled device connected to the TV instead. The TV’s commands will be the same.

Is It Possible To Control My Hisense TV With The Alexa App? 

With what has been said, Alexa-enabled devices can operate Hisense Smart TVs by speech. What hasn’t been mentioned is whether or not the Alexa App can also be used to operate the Hisense TV. 

With mobile phones becoming the most commonly carried item, managing the Hisense TV using the Alexa app would be beneficial.

The Alexa app can operate your Hisense TV in its entirety. Remember that the Hisense TV skill must be enabled in the Alexa app for this to work. 

From the Alexa app’s home screen, you can control the TV. 

All you have to do is say a suitable sentence that includes the name of the device and the action you want to be performed. 

The bottom line

Smart technology has made life easier by allowing you to have a gadget perform anything for you with only a voice command. It is clear now more than ever that Alexa can successfully monitor and control plenty of your home gadgets, including TVs.

Therefore, you should seriously invest in gadgets that can cooperate and be controlled by Alexa; this way, you will only have to communicate with one device to control the entire house.

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