How to stop ADT low battery beeping

How I wish things ran on no batteries and everything was wireless. But alas, we still have to monitor the devices that monitor us and make sure they are up and running. This post will cover how to stop ADT low battery beeps.

If you need to turn off ADT alarm without the code, then this article is not for you! Don’t waste time taking out a battery that has charge if you forgot your code.

How to know your ADT alarm has low battery.

ADT low battery beeping

When your ADT alarm system beeps and displays “BAT, SYSTEM LO BAT, or LOW BATT, it implies the battery needs to be recharged or replaced. 

In the meanwhile, you may turn off the warning on the keypad to avoid it from beeping.

All you have to do now is figure out which device you have and follow our simple steps for turning it off. Then we’ll show you how to determine whether the battery needs to be recharged or replaced. 

How do you silence an ADT alarm that is beeping because the battery is low? 

Make sure that the reason for the beeping is related to the battery first! Some users reported that ADT alarm goes off for no reason rarely, but it is possible. Don’t replace a battery that is perfectly good and waste your money.

You must first discover which alarm system you have in order to stop it from beeping. Logging into MyADT and selecting the “Alarm System” option will allow you to do so. 

On the upper left, you’ll see your system’s name. It will also display you an image of the system; if this isn’t yours, click “Not your system?” to scroll through the photos and find it. 

Now that you’ve figured out which system you’re dealing with, you may select the appropriate alarm instructions. This will simply stop ADT low battery beeping; you still have to fix the problem by either recharging or replacing the battery.

Types of alarm systems and how to use them to stop ADT low battery beeping

The keypad combinations to silence the different alarm systems are as follows:

Ademco 20Press any key
Ademco LynxPress any key, or enter your security code + the button “OFF.”
Ademco Vista 20PPress any key on the keypad
BHS 3000 or BHS 4000Press “CANCEL” twice
Command Hybrid Enter your security code+ button “OFF.”
Command 2×16Enter your security code+ the button “OFF.”
Command All-in-oneSelect “Disarm,” then enter the security code, tap “Disarm,” + enter the security code again.
Concord 4Press the “*” button
DSC ImpassaPress the “#” button
DSC PC 1555Press any key
DSC PC 1864Press the”*” button
ITI Concord Express Press “1” and input your security code
Safewatch Pro 3000Press any key
Safewatch QuickConnect PlusPress any key, or enter the security code and press “OFF.”
Simon XTSelect “STATUS”
Total SecuritySelect “OFF”

How can you determine whether your battery needs to be recharged or replaced? 

An ADT alarm system’s battery typically lasts three years. It is, however, simple to detect whether your alarm system battery needs to be recharged or replaced. 

If your sensor battery runs out, you’ll have to replace it because it can’t be recharged. The battery in your alarm system serves as a backup power source. You may only need to recharge your system if it has been utilizing battery power instead of AC power due to a power outage or another cause. 

Before you go out and buy a new battery, you should do a quick test to see whether it needs to be replaced. Follow the steps below to do so.

  1. Log in to and go to the dashboard.
  2. Locate and select “My Alarm.” 
  3. You should select “System Management” from the menu that appears. 
  4. “Place system on test” will appear.
  5. To detach the cables running from your battery, open the alarm system’s panel and gently tug on them.
  6. Reconnect the battery by attaching the red wire to the red tab on the battery and the black wire to the black tab on the battery. 
  7. Remove the alarm system from “Test mode” by closing the panel door. 
  8. On, click “My alarm” then “System Management” again, then “Stop test.”

While recharging, it may display a low battery warning for up to 48 hours. 

Once the battery is recharged, the low battery alert should go away on its own. If you still need to change out your battery, we’ll teach you how to do so.

How do you change the battery in your alarm system? 

Because each system is unique, you must first determine the battery you require. That’s because certain ADT batteries must be replaced by a skilled technician, while others may be replaced by you. 

The fundamental distinction is whether the battery is housed within the keypad or within the panel. Simply get a new battery, now that you know which one you need, and you’ll be able to install it yourself or call in a specialist. 

If you need a technician to come out to your house, you can contact them and talk to a representative on or by calling 1-800-ADT-ASAP (1-800-238-2727).

Because every system is different, you should locate your system handbook and follow the exact instructions if you are changing it yourself.

The bottom line

ADT is an overall well-built company; therefore, their manuals are complex, much like their system. In many circumstances, all that is required of you is to allow the batteries to recharge.

I hope this article answers your question. And now, the next time your ADT alarm beeps because of a low battery, you’ll know precisely what to do in seconds!

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