Press and hold Reolink reset button

How to reset the Reolink RLC-810A

In this article, I show how to reset the Reolink RLC-810A.If you lost the camera’s password and want to set the camera back to the default settings; just follow the steps described in this article.How to factory reset a Reolink cameraMake sure you have a PoE switch and a UTP patch cord (network cable).The PoE […]

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Reolink Duo Reset Button

How to Reset the Reolink Duo Camera to Factory Default

In this article, I show how to reset the Reolink Duo Cameras.If you lost the camera’s password or just need to reset it to start a new configuration from scratch, you are in the right place 😉I have two Reolink Duo Wi-Fi cameras in my lab, and I tested the procedure before writing this article, so rest […]

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Reset Reolink Argus PT

How to reset the Reolink Argus PT [Fast]

Let’s see how to reset the Reolink Argus PT under 2 minutes!This procedure is useful if can’t login to the camera because you don’t remember the password or if you sold the camera and need to reset it to factory default.The steps to reset the cameraYou gonna need a reset needle that comes with the […]

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Reolink camera on the TV

How to install the Reolink app on the Fire TV Stick (step-by-step)

Let’s talk about Reolink on Firestick.Yes, I will show you how to  install the Reolink app on the Fire TV Stick.The best news is that you can do this installation for Free in less than 10 minutes.It looks great, doesn’t it?  The picture below shows the final result….Can you see the Reolink logo on the […]

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Reolink Argus 2E

Reolink Argus 2E review

This article is a review of the Reolink Argus 2E.This is a smart camera that doesn’t need wire, so I think it worth your attention.  Source: Reolink website Click Here To Check the Price on the Reolink Website Leet’s dive into the product details.Reolink Argus 2E overviewThe Reolink Argus 2E is a Wire-Free IP camera that works […]

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Customers holding their thumbs up

Are Reolink cameras good?

There are many different security cameras manufacturers in the market, and Reolink is one of them. which raises the question, “Are Reolink cameras good?”I’ve tested some of them, and as a security camera engineer, I can say that most of the Reolink cameras are good enough for their price tag.But let’s dive into more details […]

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Open the Windows Firewall

Reolink client login failed (solved)

Suppose your Reolink client login failed when you tried to connect with your camera. That indicates some trouble in the network that is caused by a miss configuration or a firewall.In this article, I explain the causes of such a problem and how to solve it. The fail to login messageYou can usually see a message […]

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Reolink client not finding the cameras in the network

Reolink client not finding camera in the network (solved)

If you a problem with the Reolink client not finding camera in the network, this article can help you. Just keep reading to find out how to solve the problem.Reolink sells different types of cameras, such as the PoE, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and battery-powered models. In any case, they need to connect to a network so you can have remote access […]

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Reolink Client Software with Argus 3 camera

How to add a camera to Reolink client software

In this article, I show how to add a camera to Reolink’s client software.I will show how to set up a Reolink Argus 3 camera, but the process is the same for other models, so follow the instructions if you have a different model.First, let’s take a quick look at the software installation…Reolink Client Download and […]

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Reolink Argus 3 wont read the QR Code solved

Reolink camera not scanning QR code (solved)

If you have a problem with the Reolink camera not scanning the QR code, don’t look any further. I’ve been there, and I have the solution to this problem.The first time I tried to set up my Reolink Argus 3 camera, using a smartphone, I used a quick trick to allow the camera to read the QR […]

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