How to add a camera to Reolink client software

In this article, I show how to add a camera to Reolink's client software.

I will show how to set up a Reolink Argus 3 camera, but the process is the same for other models, so follow the instructions if you have a different model.

First, let's take a quick look at the software installation...

Reolink Client Download and Installation

The client software is free, and you can download it on Reolink's website.

There's a version for Windows and other for MAC, choose the one you need.

Reolink Client Download for Windows
Reolink Client Download for MAC

Download the file, double click it and follow the  installation wizard.

The pictures belows show the installation process (click to enlarge).

Reolink Client Installation 01
Reolink Client Installation 02
Reolink Client Installation 03
Reolink Client Installation 04
Reolink Client Installation 05
Reolink Client Installation 06

After the installation, make sure to click "Allow" if the Windows Defender asks for permission to the Reolink software to communicate with the network.

Reolink Client Allow Network Communication

How to add camera to the Reolink Client

Now it's time to add a camera to the software.

Open the Reolink client app and click the "Add Device" button.

Reolink Client Software Add Camera

Click the button "Scan Device in LAN".

Scan The Reolink Camera in The Network

The computer with the software and the camera must be connected to the same network. After finding the camera, click on it, give it a name, input the username and password and click the "OK"button.

Each camera has a unique UID to register with the software.

If you add a battery-powered camera such as the Argus, a message should appear to warn you about the battery duration.

Reolink Client Battery-Powered Camera Message

Click "Yes" to close the window and check the camera in the software.

Reolink Client Software with Argus 3 camera

And it's done. Now you have the camera live in the Reolink client software.

The software is very intuitive, you can play with it to learn how it works.

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To add cameras to the Reolink client software you just need to download the software and follow the instructions on this article.

Just in case you need extra help, visit the Reolink Website.

I hope this article can help you, please share it your friends.

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