How to add Reolink camera to Alexa

Want to learn how to add a Reolink camera to Alexa?

So you got to the right place because I have a Reolink Argus PT working with Alexa and Firestick and I can teach you how to work on the setup.

Reolink camera on Alexa

Most of the Reolink cameras work with Alexa and Google Home Assistant.

I'm testing Alexa and Reolink Argus PT integration. If you have a different Reolink camera model, probably it will  work, as long as you do the correct setup.

Reolink to Alexa setup diagram

I think it's important to understand how the setup is done.

The picture below shows a diagram with the Reolink Camera,  the Alexa Echo Dot and a TV with the Amazon Fire Stick.

If you have the Amazon Echo Show or other devices such as the Echo Tablet, the setup process is pretty much the same. Just follow the step-by-step.

Diagram - Reolink cameras on Alexa

As you can see in the diagram, there's a router connected to the Internet and all the devices. The user can use the Echo Dot or the Fire Stick (connected to the TV) to ask Alexa to stream the video from the Reolink camera to the TV.

How to set up Reolink to work with Alexa

To set up the Reolink camera to work with Alexa you need to add an Alexa Skill that allows the authentication with your Reolink account.

Here are the steps

Setup the Reolink Camera in the App

Make sure the camera is working with the Reolink App and enable the Smart Home feature that is available in the cloud tab as shown in the following pictures.

Reolink Camera on the Mobile
Reolink Smart Home

This step is very easy, just click on Smart Home and then click on Enable 

Enable Reolink Smart Home

This is the missing step that leads the Alexa to have issues trying to find the device. It's very important to click the enable button to make sure the Reolink camera is discoverable.

After this step, you just need to enable the Alexa Skill on the App and link the accounts. Let's see how to do that now...

Add the Reolink Camera to Alexa

Just open the Alexa App on the home page and click the hamburger button.

Alexa App Home
Alexa App Menu

Click the Skill & Games button to look for the Reolink Skill

Alexa App Skill and Games
Search for Reolink Skill on Alexa

Click "Enable to Use" to Login with the Reolink Account.

Reolink Smart Home Enable to Use
Reolink Login Account

Allow the device interaction and wait for the link confirmation.

Alexa Reolink Account integration
Amazon Alexa and Reoling Successfully Linked

Click to discover the devices in the network and add your Reolink camera.

Alexa Discover Device
Reolink Camera Added to Alexa

And you're done. Your Reolink camera is now linked to Alexa and ready to work.

You can ask Alexa to show the camera on the TV or any other device that uses a screen. As you can see in the picture above I have a Fire TV Stick, so with a simple voice command the image from the camera shows up on the screen.

Reolink Cameras compatible with Alexa

Some of the Reolink cameras were upgraded to work with Alexa, just make sure you have one of the models available in the following list.

IMPORTANT: Some old Reolink C1 cameras don't work with Alexa due to a hardware limitation if that's your case consider to buy a new model.


If your Alexa App can't find the Reolink camera, check the following:

  • Is the camera connected to your local router?
  • Is the Internet working for the devices on the local network?
  • Does your mobile is connected to the local Wi-Fi? (for the initial setup)
  • Did you enable the Alexa Skill for the Reolink Camera?
  • Is the Reolink Smart Home feature enabled (as shown above)?
  • Are you using a new Reolink Camera? 

Some users have reported problems with the NETGEAR Nighthawk R7000 router when trying to use the Reolink Cameras. Make sure that is not your case by testing the setup on a different location or with another router.

I've seen people reporting that the TP-Link archer router works pretty fine.

Also, make sure there's no firewall blocking the traffic from the camera.


It's possible to have the Reolink camera working with Alexa in less than 5 minutes.

You just need to make sure that the camera is compatible (new models) and that you are following all the steps. Don't miss any of them, otherwise, it won't work.

I hope this article can help you out.

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