Reolink client login failed (solved)

Suppose your Reolink client login failed when you tried to connect with your camera. That indicates some trouble in the network that is caused by a miss configuration or a firewall.

In this article, I explain the causes of such a problem and how to solve it. 

The fail to login message

You can usually see a message like "login failed, connection failed or timeout" when trying to view the cameras via the Reolink client software.

If that's the case, please follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are using the correct password;
  • Check if the computer's firewall is not blocking the traffic ;
  • Test the network connection between the devices;
  • Double-check the camera IP address and UID

Let's take a look at these steps...

Check the username and password

Most of the time, the login failed message is related to the use of the username and password. You must check if there are no wrong characters or spaces in the credentials you are trying to use to log in.

Reolink Client Login Failed

It's very common to confuse the number "1" with the letter "l" or the number "0" (zero) with the letter "O" or type the wrong special character that demands the combination of the "shift key" and a number.

Passwords with extra spaces are also the cause of failed login attempts.

The firewall is blocking the traffic

The Reolink client login failed message is also very common when the computer's firewall blocks the communication between the devices in the network.

During the installation, the firewall prompts a confirmation if you want to allow the software to communicate in the network, you must answer "Yes" to that. 

Reolink Client Allow Firewall

If you forgot to allow access to the software, it's necessary to open the firewall software to input this rule for the Reolink client software. 

Here's how to do that...

For Windows computers

Open the Windows Firewall and network protection, click on Allow an app through firewall and check if the Reolink Client is enabled.

Here are the steps for that...

Type "Firewall" on the Windows search box.

Click on  "Firewall & network protection"

Open the Windows Firewall

In the next screen click "Allow an app through firewall".

Windows Firewall Allow an App

Make sure the Reolink Client is checked for private access

Reolink Client on Firewall

And that's should work to allow the camera and software communication.

For MAC computer

Go to System Performance >> Security&Privacy >> Firewall

Click on "Firewall Options"

Firewall on MAC

Add the Reolink Client to the list.

Allow Reolink Client on MAC

And it's done. Your Reolink camera can work with the Client software on the MAC.

Test the network connection

Another common issue related to the login failed message is the network setup.

Make you have the camera and the software connected to the same Wi-Fi router and the check if the IP addresses are in the same network range.

The picture below shows an example of a Reolink camera and a laptop connected to the same router on a local network.

Reolink client software and the Argus PT

The IP range must be the same to the computer/laptop can reach the camera.

Read the article Reolink client not finding camera in the network for more information on how to check the IP Addresses range.

Check the camera IP and UID

If the camera IP or the UID is not correct, you will see a message that indicated fails to connect. Make sure the information you enter during the setup is accurate.

Depending on the camera model you either use the IP or UID.

The picture below show the UID for a Reolink Argus PT camera.

Reolink Client Camera UID

Usually, the UID is accurate when you use the software to scan the LAN, but if you type it manually, it's better to double-check if it's correct.

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It's common to face login failed messages when dealing with devices that communicate via a network.  You just need to keep calm and try to find the problem by following the instruction in this article.

I hope you can solve your problem with Reolink login failed.

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