Are Govee Lights waterproof?

Having LED lights in your room can be so much fun. But are they durable? Could they be placed outside? Are Govee Lights waterproof?

Govee LED Strip Light- waterproof

Well, it all depends. The Govee Lights I purchased and reviewed were the “H6159” model, which is for indoor use. However, there are plenty of models out there.

You should also be aware that some models are to be used for indoor use only. Unlike other models, they do not have protective barriers. 

Therefore, should not be outside or exposed to any type of weather or water.

Govee manufactures LEDs for installing in walls, behind TVs, and for indoor usage. Yet, these are not the only available lights.

Waterproof products

Some products were fabricated for outdoor use, such as the motorcycle lights, outdoor lights, and under-car lights. 

Nevertheless, you should be careful with them as well.

Govee states that some of their lights are “Weatherproof & Durable.” 

Outdoor model lights are “Made from heavy-duty wire and shatterproof plastic bulbs, and have special waterproof sockets.” 

They also claim that their waterproof sockets “form a seal around the bulb string lights to keep water out.” And therefore keep them safe from any rain that may occur outside. 

Meaning that you do not have to worry about your lights if it looks a little cloudy. Yet you should always protect the outlet as it might cause damage if it gets wet.

To simplify your purchasing experience, I have made a list of the non-waterproof and waterproof LED Strips that are sold by Govee down below. 

Govee Waterproof Lights

Govee Waterproof Lights
  • H6102
  • H6106
  • H6109
  • H6111
  • H6113
  • H6114
  • H6115
  • H6116
  • H6117
  • H6119
  • H6127
  • H6140
  • H6160
  • H6161
  • H6163
  • H6185
  • H6188
  • H6193
  • H7001
  • H7022

Not Waterproof

  • H6102
  • H6104
  • H6110
  • H6126
  • H6138
  • H6139
  • H6159
  • H6181
  • H6182
  • H6183
  • H6187
  • H6189
  • H6190
  • H6191
  • H6195
  • H6196

The bottom line

Overall, the quality you will receive for both the non-waterproof as well as the waterproof Govee Lights LED Strips are amazing. 

Meaning,  they high quality but at a very affordable price. What color would you set your lights to? Let us know below!

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