How to connect Govee Lights together

Whether you want to cut and join your LED Strip or are looking for a way to easily control multiple lights at once, here is the answer. To connect Govee lights together…

Govee LED Strip Light

Keep in mind that this question can mean one of two things. You might want to cut your Govee LED Strips and connect them to a connector. Which allows you to obtain a clean look when it comes to corners in a wall.

Or you might be talking about controlling multiple light groups at once. And not having to ask your home assistant to turn them off one by one. 

Nevertheless, here is how to connect Govee lights together.

Lights installation

Govee LED Strip Light Control Unit

Most of these lights are installed in place in which corners are bound to happen. But worry not! Govee LED Light Strips have got you covered.

When you order a box, you will receive connectors that can be utilized in corners to get a precise turn and have a clean finish. 

Though the trimming will be left to you. You will need to cut the LED Strip in the correct location and insert it in one corner of the connector.

After connecting both sides, you can continue to tape it to your surface as needed. However, this is not the only way it can be done.

The Govee LED Strip Lights manual explains that you can, in fact, loop, the Strip. This  would be done through corners, and you will not need to purchase extra clips or connectors. 

This is how I did it as I placed it under my bed; however, the location is hidden from sight. 

Therefore, if installing onto a wall, you might want to stick with the connectors as they are sure going to give you a better and cleaner look!

How to connect Govee Lights to your phone

For control of the lights

To connect Govee lights together when utilizing a home assistant such as Google or Alexa, you can simply group the lights under one room. Or one home to then be able to turn the lights on and off as you wish. 

You can use commands such as ” Turn off kitchen light” This will make all the lights in the kitchen will turn off. This can also be achieved if you ask for all the home lights to be turned off.

Keep in mind that the lights will need to be set up correctly and will need to be compatible with your assistants. Other than that, you should find no issues with connecting the lights.

As well as the procedures to group lights into the same room will vary depending on what home assistant you are using.

The bottom line

All in all, you can connect various Govee LED Strip Lights to the same rooms utilizing home assistants. Or even place it under one home to be controlled by Alexa and Google.

However, you can also connect two pieces of one LED Strip together. To run over corners or whatever you might need. 

Let us know down below what Govee LED Lights you would purchase! 

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