Govee Smart Lights LED Strip Review

If you have ever wondered what you can add to a room to give it an immediate pop of color, I have just thing for you! Look no further than the Govee Smart Lights LED Strip.

Govee LED Strip Light


Let me start off by saying that I bought this for myself. But after seeing my daughter’s face, I decided to give it to her to try it out before I buy another one for myself.

She thoroughly tested the lights with both the Alexa and Google assistants and wrote me a list of pros and cons. 

Let’s dive in take a look at how good the Govee Smart Lights LED Strip is. 

In the box

In the box, you will find the LED lights, alcohol prepping wipe, the power adapter, a control unit, and a set of clips to hold them in place.

Govee LED what is in the box

 With this model, you are able to cut the strips and insert them in a corner clip to safely hold them when attempting to loop the strip around an object without causing damage.

The backing of the light has 3M adhesive, so you just peel as you go and start sticking away. You just need to gently press, here an there on the surface, to make sure it is safe and secure. 

Keep in mind that you do not need to use the clips, you can use the “looping” method that is described in the instructions.

Instead of cutting, we decided to loop the light once we came to a corner.

It was incredibly easy to do and did not damage the lights at all. This way, the light cannot disconnect from the clip, and we found it easier than cutting it. 


With 4.3 out of 5 stars and more than seven thousand reviews on Amazon, we can clearly see that the Govee Smart Lights LED Strips are here to stay!

The endless placements

Once the lights finally arrived from Amazon, and I handed them to my daughter, it took her days to figure out where she was going to place them. Most people buy it to put them on the wall.

However, she already has colored light bulbs in her room; therefore, she felt it was a waste to put more light on the walls. 

She ended up choosing to install them under her bed to give it a fun look during the night.

Govee LED Strip Light under the bed

Nevertheless, the possibilities of placement are almost endless! From a closet, to under your bed, behind a dresser, TV or painting… the list goes on and on.

Wherever you choose to install them, you are not going to be disappointed. Not only do they brighten up a room, but it can also give a pop of color or even good lighting to dance to.

Whether you are throwing your party or watching a movie, these lights are highly recommended. 

They fit in with every room and can be managed through the App or a home assistant.

Both the assistants and the App make it extremely easy to distinguish different white lights that are placed in different rooms..


I found that the lights are incredibly affordable. Knowing that most LED lights that come with remotes and cannot be controlled by home assistant range from $10 to $20.

The $30 I paid for was well invested. Though the box looks a little small, you get a lot for your money. 16.4 feet, to be exact. 

Other LED lights that can be controlled by home assistance have a high price range, in my opinion. 

They might have extra features and maybe even cooler designs, but the Govee Smart Lights sure get the job done.

Govee Smart Lights LED Strip even has music mode and different scenes that change color and can be a set through the App. 

Meaning you might want to go for Govee Smart Lights as it is exceptionally affordable!

Controlling the lights

The Govee Smart Lights LED Strip allow you to control them through the App, a control unit, and a home assistant.


The App definitely falls on the pro list. Not only is it quick and easy to set up, but it gives you plenty of controls to mess and play around with. 

Brightness, color, and on/ off control can be found in the App, so can music mode, custom color, and scenes. 

Through the App, you can group and control multiple lights at the same time or separately.

I found the App easy to navigate and control any room with the click of a button. The reaction time with the App is immediate, and it has excellent features, especially for how inexpensive it is.

Control unit

The control unit is easy to place anywhere as it has a 3M backing and can stick to almost anything. 

Holding the Strip Light control unit

There are three buttons on the control unit, and it is the fastest way to control the lights.

The top button turns the Govee Smart Lights LED Strip on and off. Followed by the button that changes the LED’s colors. 

Lastly, the bottom button controls both the brightness when you hold it down, as well as turning the music feature on and off.

Google Home assistant and Alexa

You can also control the Govee Smart Lights LED Strip via Amazon Echo or Google Home. 

Using commands, you can turn the lights on and off as well as changing colors. But music mode and scenes cannot be activated by a home assistant.


Though we found the Govee Smart Lights LED Strip incredible, especially for their price on the market, we ran into a couple of issues.

Music mode

It seems remarkably fun to be able to jam out to music while the lights flash with the beat. However, the microphone is rather sensitive in more ways than one.

In some instances, nothing is playing, yet the lights flicker from the noises around, such as the air conditioning. 

However, if music is playing at a reasonable distance, it is not picked up by the microphone.

Therefore, if you genuinely care about this feature, we suggest placing the microphone, which is located in the control unit next to the speakers. 

Limited controls

When controlling the lights, the home assistant is the one we use most by far. However, it is the one with the least amount of power and control.

Though the App allows you to control everything, it is just way easier to do so through voice control other than your phone.

With the home assistants, you can only control the on/off, color, and brightness. 

Therefore, you gain more from controlling the Govee Smart Lights LED Strip though the control unit than your home assistant.

Strip Light control unit

When controlling the lights with the control unit or the App, the reaction time is immediate. 

But with the home assistants, you can expect delays when attempting to color-change or adjust brightness. 


Some things you should keep in mind are that once you do cut the strip, you cannot reuse any of the leftovers LED lights. This is because they all connect to one adapter and power supply.

You should also be aware that this models are meant to be used for indoor use only. 

Unlike other models, they do not have protective barriers. They should not be placed outside or exposed to any type of weather or water.

Once you receive your package, make sure to test that the lights are working before placing them wherever you want. 

Govee LED Strip Light installed under the bed

Mainly to make sure that they work before you go through all the hassle of putting them up. 

As well as keeping in mind that you should not install them with them turned on, this could be a hazard as they could get hot, or break. 

The type of lights that we purchased does not have any protection around LEDs. 

Therefore, you need to be extremely careful when installing them and make sure they are not going to be damaged in any way.

The bottom line

The Govee Smart Lights LED Strip are affordable and look fantastic wherever you install it. These lights can be used from brightening up your room to spicing up your videos.

They definitely serve their purpose for a fun pop of color and extra added entertainment.

Govee Smart Lights can be installed virtually anywhere, in it is excellent that they connect home assistant. 

But beware, buy extra ones if you have kids, smaller kids will love it as a night light, and teenagers will have the best time parting with them. 

You can buy this product on the Amazon Store. See the link below.

Click here to check the Govee Smart Lights on Amazon.

Let us know what home assistant you prefer down below! Alexa, or Google?

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