Are Reolink cameras good?

There are many different security cameras manufacturers in the market, and Reolink is one of them. which raises the question, "Are Reolink cameras good?"

I've tested some of them, and as a security camera engineer, I can say that most of the Reolink cameras are good enough for their price tag.

But let's dive into more details to understand this topic better...

Is Reolink a good brand?

You can find the Reolink cameras in the Amazon store, and most of the time, they have good reviews from the customers. They are also available at fair prices.

With an extensive line of products that ranges from PoEWi-Fi, battery-powered and cellular (3G/4G) cameras, Reolink has a solution for different scenarios and looks like the company is doing an excellent job with the products.

Customers holding their thumbs up

Most of the product reviews on Amazon are above 4 stars, so it looks like people see Reolink as a good brand, and I include myself in such a statement.

Let's take a look at some other facts...

Where is Reolink manufactured?

Reolink products are manufactured in China. Just check any product label, and you can see the phrase "Made in China" on it. The brand Reolink is owned by Shenzhen Baichuan Security Technology Co., Ltd., with its headquarter in Shenzhen, China.

Reolink made in China

The Reolink website shows the company address at RM.4B, Kingswell Commercial Tower, 171-173 Lockhart Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong.

You can find more information about Baichuan Security Technology and the Reolink Brand in their Linkedin profile.

According to Reolink's profile, the company was founded in 2014, and it's specialized in Network video recorder, Video Surveillance, Wire-free Battery camera, Solar powered battery cameras, and Smart home Cameras.

Despite the information on the Linkedin profile, the company's website says the first product that was launched in July 2009.

Anyway, we know Reolink products are manufactured in China, and the company was founded no longer than a decade ago.

Reolink products are easy to set up

You can buy Reolink cameras and recorders and install yourself.

The setup process is straightforward and doesn't require any technical skills.

People can most read the quick guide, install the cameras, and follow a setup wizard after scanning a QR code with a smartphone.

Read the article Reolink Argus 3 setup to see how easy it is to set up a camera.

The technical support team

Yes, I've tested the Reolink technical support team, and they are good.

They work fast and get the problem solved as soon as possible.

Team of technical support agents working on hotline at call center

There's a support center on the website where it's possible to find the answer to the most common questions, and if the answer is not there, you can send a message to the support team that usually responds in less than 24 hours.


So, are Reolink cameras any good? Yes, definitely, the cameras are good.

Not only the cameras but also the kits with the recorders are good enough for a company that is aggressively taking the market by storm.

There are strong Reolink's competitors out there, such as Google NestRing, and Blink, with the tag prices slightly higher. Other ones such as AmcrestLorexWyze, and Swann with low tag prices are also good; nevertheless, Reolink is doing a good job, and you should consider buying its products.

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