How do Govee Lights work with music

Ever wanted to throw yourself a little party in your room or even in the living room sofa? With Govee Smart Lights on music mode, you can!


Govee Smart Lights even has music mode and different scenes that change color and can be a set through the App. 

Meaning you might want to go for Govee Smart Lights as it is exceptionally affordable and fun!

Govee music mode

Controlling the lights

The Govee Smart Lights allow you to control them through the App, a control unit, and a home assistant.


The App definitely falls on the pro list. Not only is it quick and easy to set up, but it gives you plenty of controls to mess and play around with. 

Brightness, color, and on/ off control can be found in the App, so can music mode, custom color, and scenes. 

Through the App, you can group and control multiple lights at the same time or separately.

I found the App easy to navigate and control any room with the click of a button. 

The reaction time with the App is immediate, and it has excellent features, especially for how inexpensive it is.

Control unit

The control unit is easy to place anywhere as it has a 3M backing and can stick to almost anything. 

There are three buttons on the control unit, and it is the fastest way to control the lights.

The top button turns the Govee Smart Lights on and off. Followed by the button that changes the LED’s colors. 

Lastly, the bottom button controls both the brightness when you hold it down, as well as turning the music feature on and off.

Home assistant

You can also control the Govee Smart Lights via Amazon Echo or Google Home

Using commands, you can turn the lights on and off as well as changing colors. But music mode and scenes cannot be activated by a home assistant.

Music mode

Party with Govee Smart Lights

It seems remarkably fun to be able to jam out to music while the lights flash with the beat. However, the microphone is rather sensitive in more ways than one.

In some instances, nothing is playing, yet the lights flicker from the noises around, such as the air conditioning. 

Yet, if music is playing at a reasonable distance, it is not picked up by the microphone.

Therefore, if you genuinely care about this feature, we suggest placing the microphone, which is located in the control unit next to the speakers. 

Additionally, through the App, you will find other music mode features that allow you to control whether the colors flash and range in color or if they continuously flash in the same color.

The bottom line

Overall, even though when I reviewed the product, the music mode was not what I expected. It is still fun to have as long as you place your music close to the microphone.

What song would you blast with your Govee LED Lights? Let us know down below!

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