Why won’t my Govee Lights turn on

Nothing is worse than receiving a faulty product. But there are ways to make sure it isn’t something wrong with your installation. Let’s look at some reasons why Govee Lights might not turn on.

LED lights

Keep in mind that if you damaged the lights in any way, it could alter the results you will receive. Including water damage, cutting a wrong strip, or cable damage.

For example, if you spilled a glass of water in the control unit, it might not work at all anymore. And you will probably need to have it replaced.

Test drive

Checking before installing is not only smart but essential too. Can you imagine going through so much hassle to hang up your lights just to have them not work?

Once you receive your package, plug it in and test it quickly to make sure that the lights turn on and are working correctly before installation.

Pin connection

Govee Lights might not turn on

When putting together your Govee Light strip, you might remember the pin connector. This connects the LED strip directly to the control unit, which, in turn, is connected to the power unit that plugs into the outlet.

You will need to check all of these points to ensure your Govee Lights might not turn on because they are broken. After making sure that all of the points are plugged incorrectly, you should check the outlets.

Plug in a phone charger or anything else that can instantly let you know if the outlet is working. 

For instance, some homes, like mine, have light switches that can control whether outlets stop working or not. Therefore, you should figure out if the outlet is the problem before moving on to the next step.

Connecting issues

Your Govee Lights might not turn on due to a bad connection between the App, or home assistants with the Govee LED Lights. Or it can be an issue with your home WiFi making it unable for the App and assistants to connect to your lights. 


How to connect Govee Lights to your phone
How to connect Govee Lights to your phone

You might have connected the wrong lights to the App. Reconnecting the LED strip to the Govee Home App takes just a couple of minutes and can quickly solve your issue.

Just delete the LED light and establish the connection once again.

Home assistant

Keep in mind that in my experience reviewing the Govee Lights strips, the commands can vary in time when utilizing a home assistant.

Therefore, I would have to wait a minute or two before it could change the lights’ color or turn on at all. Whether you are using Google Home or Amazon Alexa, the connection process is quick and straightforward.

It might alter based on the WiFi connection, or you can attempt to reconnect the lights as it might help it go faster. 

The bottom line

There is simply a lot you can attempt before coming to the conclusion that your Govee Lights might not turn on because they are faulty.

If you have an issue with your Govee Lights and found a way to fix it, make sure to share it below so others can try it too!

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