Are Govee Lights reusable

Nothing is better than recycling, reusing, and saving yourself some money. Let’s look into whether you can reuse Govee Lights or not.

Govee LED Strip Light

Cutting off

What can you do if your LED strip is longer than you need it to be? It might depend on the type of LED strip you bought.

Can you cut Govee LED Lights?

To cut Govee Lights, you will need to make sure you have the right type of LED Strip. RGB LED Strips can be cut. This is because they do not contain an IC chip. 

Meaning they can be cut in certain areas and will continue to work. However, they are also the type of lights that cannot be multiple colors at once.

On the other hand, the RGBIC Strips can’t be cut simply because they have an IC chip, and the lights will not work if you cut it. 

Therefore, you will not find cutting lines along this particular model.

Connecting Corners

LED installing

With the provided Govee clips or any compatible clipping connectors, you can quickly get around corners. You will need to cut along the provided lines and clip both sides into the clip. 

Therefore, you do not have to throw away straps if you have connectors. For example, if you want to relocate your lights.

You can simply stick them onto something else, and exchange a corner clip to a straight connector and connect the Govee Lights together.

Therefore, you can reuse Govee Lights LEDs and cut down the cost of buying a brand new pack.

This can be extremely beneficial as you would only need to spend around $10 to transfer and reuse Govee Lights using connectors that can be easy to find.

One room only

Govee LED what is in the box

You cannot buy one pack of LEDs and use them in two different places. Some other supplies and installing would be needed to achieve this task.

For example, you cannot cut your Govee LED strip in half and use them in different rooms. Only one of the strips can be connected to the power supply and control unit included.

However, though it can be done, you would need to locate and purchase the items and put them together yourself. 

Therefore, unless you have made a wrong cut and want to attach it once again utilizing connectors, the leftover straps are useless without a power supplying unit.

Keep in mind that even if you complete the task and connect the leftover LED straps to another power supply, it might not be controlled by the app or your home assistants.

The bottom line

Overall, it is excellent to reduce reuse and recycle all while saving you money. And it is possible to reuse Govee Lights when moving them to another space or room.

However, when talking about reusing leftover strips, that will take some manual work itself, as well as locating and purchasing all the parts to attach it together.

At the inexpensive price point in which Govee sells their products, I found that there is no need to reuse the straps. 

You will probably end up spending more money than just purchasing a new box.

Where would you place your LED lights? Let us know down below!

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