How to connect Govee Lights to your phone

Wouldn’t it be fun to party with flashing lights? With the Govee Lights LED Strips, you can. But you first need to learn how to connect Govee Lights to your phone.

Govee LED Strip Light

Controlling the lights

The Govee Smart Lights makes it easy and allows you to control them through the App, a control unit, and a home assistant.


app store

The App definitely falls on the pro list. It is quick and easy to set up and gives you plenty of controls to mess and play around with.

Brightness, color, and on/ off control can be found in the App, so can music mode, custom color, and scenes. 

Through the App, you can group and control multiple lights at the same time or separately.

I found the App easy to navigate and control any room with the click of a button. The reaction time with the App is immediate, and it has excellent features, especially for how inexpensive it is.

Control unit

The control unit is easy to place anywhere as it has a 3M backing and can stick to almost anything. 

Strip Light control unit

There are three buttons on the control unit, and it is the fastest way to control the lights.

The top button turns the Govee Smart Lights on and off. Followed by the button that changes the LED’s colors. 

Lastly, the bottom button controls both the brightness when you hold it down and turns the music feature on and off.

Home assistant

You can also control the Govee Smart Lights via Amazon Echo or Google Home. Using commands, you can turn the lights on and off as well as changing colors. 

But music mode and scenes cannot be activated by a home assistant.

Connection process

First, you will need to download the “Govee Home” App from your App store. 

Now you can make yourself an account if you are going to connect your lights with a home assistant, make sure to have your account set up.

Before starting the connection, make sure that your phone or device is connected to the correct WiFi you want to connect with your lights.

App store
How to connect Govee Lights to your phone

Once you reach the Home page, you should click on the plus (+) sign to move to the “Add the device” tab. You should now be in the “Smart Lighting” division.

To connect Govee Lights to your phone, you will need the model number of the lights. 

We purchased the “H6159” model, but you should choose the model number that corresponds to your lights.

You can locate the model number on the back of your Govee Lights box, making it easier to connect and identify the right type of LED lights you purchased. 

The App will then start looking for the device, and once it is found, you will be able to name it. 

How to connect Govee Lights to your phone
Name your device

You will now need to connect to your WiFi, as well as type in your password. After you connect to your home WiFi, you will be taken to the home page.

Connecting to WiFi
Home page

Now you can control your lights and play around with all the modes, scenes, and colors.

How to connect Govee Lights to your phone
How to connect Govee Lights to your phone

You can customize your own colors, set scenes that will change through time, and even set timers to fall asleep to. Take a look around, and have loads of fun!

How to connect Govee Lights to your phone
How to connect Govee Lights to your phone

The bottom line

How does it feel to connect Govee Lights to your phone?

Whether you are in another room or just want to go to sleep without getting up, controlling the lights through the App is fantastic. Colors, timers, brightness, and more.

It is an inexpensive investment for a fun product that your whole family will like. Let us know what Govee products we should test out next down below!

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