How to change Alexa’s device owner

Amazon has always given its consumers high-quality items that exceeded their expectations and made it easier for them to manage their homes. In this post, you will learn how to change Alexa’s owner.

Alexa gadgets to try 

Amazon’s Alexa devices have made it easier for consumers to do simple activities linked to smart speakers and displays using the voice assistant Alexa. 

Simply say “Alexa,” and your device will respond by performing what you’ve requested. Alexa can do a variety of functions, such as checking the weather, changing the channel, and playing your favorite music, among others. 

You may also install a smart lock, like the Nest Y Lock to improve the security of your house, and Alexa can operate other smart gadgets. 

Technology has progressed, and Amazon has created a slew of products that work with Alexa to make it easier to do chores using voice commands.

Alexa is one such voice assistant that has grown so important to Amazon device owners that they would be lost without it in their homes. These devices make it simple for consumers to manage and communicate with other devices. 

Must have Alexa devices

Here are a few Alexa-enabled products you can get your hands on: 


Many people have recently become fans of the Amazon Fire TV stick, which allows you to pick your favorite shows and movies using your voice. 

You may sift through the material and tell Alexa to play the movie you want to watch. This has made it easier and more enjoyable for consumers to view their shows. 

You may search for and play any show, movie, or documentary on your TV. You may ask Alexa to do simple tasks with the voice remote, such as “Alexa, can you play some music?” or “How is the weather today?” 

Enjoy utilizing voice commands while watching your favorite shows with your family. This device also allows you to have multiple users to differentiate your tastes and likes.

Echo Dot

The Amazon Echo Dot is one of the Alexa gadgets that offers excellent sound quality and a ton of capabilities for consumers’ convenience. Here are some examples of what you can accomplish using the Echo Dot: 

You may use this gadget to make phone calls, or your friends can leave a message for you to check later if you are unavailable. 

Stay up to speed on current events and listen to them anytime you like, including live news. You’ll be able to use this Alexa gadget to operate your smart home and even have a chat with Alexa.

Setting users and owners.

Using Alexa, you can also designate an owner to control who has access to the device, but what if you’ve already done so and want to modify it? So, do you have the power to change Alexa’s owner?

Absolutely you do. Because with Alexa, you hold all the power. Nevertheless, it is a process with plenty of steps. But worry not; I broke it down for you.

You may begin by removing the device from the owner’s Amazon application, and then you can delete all of your login credentials to make it ready for the new owner. 

After you’ve removed all of your information from the Alexa device, the new owner may customize the settings to their liking. 

All of your data and settings will be wiped, and the new owner will have to start again with the settings. The procedures below will assist you in setting up the device.

Deregistering your account. 

This is the first step you must complete. Using the Alexa app, follow these simple steps to unregister: 

  1. Locate and pick the settings option on the left-hand side. 
  2. Now, choose the device you want to deregister. 
  3. You can opt to deregister immediately and confirm your decision. 
  4. The Alexa device will be successfully deregistered under your control. 

If you’re having trouble unregistering your device from the Alexa app, go to the Amazon website and follow these instructions: 

  1. After opening the Amazon website, go to the Accounts section and then to the Lists section. 
  2. Select Manage Your Content & Devices from the drop-down menu, then select Your Devices. 
  3. Each gadget has an ellipsis towards the left side. Select the device you’d like to deregister and then hit the three dots. 
  4. Deregister by clicking the button and then confirming your actions.

Adding more than one person to an Amazon Household 

You’ll need to set up the Amazon Household, which allows you to be the owner, if you want to give additional individuals access to your Alexa devices, such as friends or family members. 

Only the owner has the ability to pick which members of their home have access to Alexa Devices and who may use them. You and your family members will be able to share the devices and get tailored information across all Alexa-enabled devices. 

Follow these steps to create the Household straight from your Alexa app: 

  1. To begin, go to the menu and pick settings. Next, sign in with your Alexa account and then select Amazon Household. 
  2. You’ll find some steps for adding a new person to the Amazon household on the screen. Follow the steps provided to you in the app. 
  3. You should be aware that once you grant access to many users, they will be able to make transactions using your payment method. As a result, you may choose to add a confirmation code to every spoken purchase made through the Alexa app for enhanced protection.

Transitioning between profiles 

On all compatible Alexa devices, you can switch between all the household users’ profiles you’ve added, and the procedure is straightforward – just say “Switch accounts” to Alexa, and you’re done. 

If you’re unsure which account you’re using, you can ask Alexa, and she’ll tell you which one you’re using right now. But if you’re browsing the content library instead, the drop-down menu will make it easy to move across all of the user libraries. 

If you’ve used Alexa before, you’re surely aware that you can complete various activities by asking basic questions and words. For example, you may ask Alexa, “Which account is this?” She will provide you with details on the account she is logged on.

Thus, showing you that you do not have to change Alexa’s owner when you live in the same Household. You can assign each person an user. Much like you would in a Netflix account.

What is the procedure for removing a user from the Amazon Household? 

Now that you’ve learned how to add numerous users to your Amazon Household, you’ll need to know how to remove any users you’ve already added. 

You do not have to change Alexa’s owner in order to do this. This can be used if some of your friends or family members who have moved out of the house no longer use their profile in your Household.

If you wish to remove their profile from Amazon Household, you may deactivate the user by following these simple steps: 

Go to the Household settings in your Alexa app and delete any user by finding them and clicking on the remove option. If you want to deactivate your account, click on Leave. 

You must be cautious while selecting this option. Once the user is removed, you will not be able to add them to another household for 180 days, which is why you must choose wisely. 

If you delete a user by error, you should contact Amazon customer support for assistance in restoring the person to your Household.

Final Thoughts

Amazon offers its customers a wide range of items and is one of the top online shopping sites for smart home gadgets. 

These recommendations can help you change the owner of Alexa devices and learn about alternative Alex devices that can help you make your home smarter. 

You can operate all of your Alexa devices with voice commands and integrate other devices for easier access. In this world of technological breakthroughs, various gadgets are accessible online to make your house smart. 

One of the most appealing features of Alexa devices is the ability to add numerous users. 

As you can see, there are both ways to change Alexa’s owner or go around it if you need to. Adding users and changing your Amazon Household is a straightforward process that can be outlined in a couple of simple steps.

You may add all of your friends and family to the Amazon Household and watch movies, listen to music, and more.

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