Smart Devices

Smart Devices

why smart homes are important

Why should you have a smart home?

Having a Smart Home nowadays is not too difficult a task. In fact, many homes are becoming increasingly smarter at inexpensive prices. But the million-dollar question this article will answer is: “why should you have a smart home?”.The answer is very simple and quick to understand; with a set of devices, you can make your […]

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prevent smart locks from being hacked

Can smart home locks be hacked?

Knock knock. Can smart locks be hacked? This article will go over how to prevent smart locks from being hacked as nothing is 100% secure.Keep on reading to learn how you can benefit from new technology in the market and how to prepare yourself against technological invaders.The locks that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are a […]

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Amazon Echo Studio

Are smart home devices invading our privacy?

Virtual assistants are increasingly present in our lives. Whether it is the device we carry in our pockets, those at home, or even children’s toys. In this article, we will discuss whether smart home devices are invading our privacy. Alexa, Siri, and Google sit by your side all day. They listen for their trigger word […]

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55 inch Infrared touch screen overlay

Infrared touch screen overlay review

This is a review of a 55-inch infrared touch screen overlay for TV. It’s a cheap device purchased on Amazon.This touch screen overlay for TV model is advertised as PIE 55 inch 10 Point Multi-Touch Infrared Touch Frame and to date is sold at a $214.99 with Free delivery.I purchase the 55-inch frame but it’s also available […]

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Nest Thermostat

Best smart thermostats that work with Alexa (voice command)

Wouldn’t be great just use command voice to adjust your AC temperature?You can do that as long as you have the a smart thermostat that works with Amazon Alexa.  Aren’t you excited with this idea? Your family will love this…In this article, I will talk about the best smart thermostats that work with Alexa.The main […]

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Samsung SmartThings

What is Samsung SmartThings

Are you looking for a smart home platform that is easy to use ?Have you heard about Samsung SmartThings ? In this article, I will explain what the SmartThing is, how you can use it and what are the versions available. So sit tight and read the article to the end…  What is Samsung SmartThings?It’s a […]

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