What is considered a smart home?

A smart home is a residence equipped with various devices that automate tasks that we do daily—making our lives that much easier and us that much lazier.

Smart home

Using a mobile phone to unclock the door

Some products already have the technology to be controlled remotely; others use sensors to connect to the rest of the system. Owners of smart home systems use an application or voice commands to control their home.

You can consider that you have a smart home if it's possible to control devices such as smart thermostats, door locks, lights, or security cameras from a mobile device.

The connection can be for several different products: cameras, smartphones, tablets, TVs, light switches, appliances, and more.

There are different reasons for having a smart home:

  1. Safety is among the main reasons
  2. Save energy
  3. Help with household chores

Building your Smart Home

Other products, such as lights and motion sensor devices, may use less energy, with programming to turn them off when not in use.

While you can buy alarm systems to protect your home, smart homes can offer additional security. Lights, cameras, and even doorbells can help make a home safer.

If you are alone at home and someone is considering breaking into your home, these types of devices can help. But apart from saving money on energy and keeping you safe, smart homes can also aid in your daily needs.

To cope with the daily tasks of the devices made to ease your home chores is the iRobot Roomba robot vacuum. And it does not stop there!

How does a fridge that orders milk online when it knows it's running out sound? Or a washing machine that automatically starts a washing cycle. Turning off the lights without getting up when you are nice and cozy in bed? What a dream!.

You can turn your devices on or off using voice commands, time rules, sensor detection, or even simple programming. To get started on automating your home, you might find great interest in the following devices:

1. Smart speaker

You can find many smart speakers; the most popular are Google Home Assistant or Amazon's Alexa.

To start, it is better to choose a smaller and more affordable smart speaker. Inexpensive options include the Google Nest Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot.

2. Light bulbs

LED lights

Smart lamps are probably among the first purchases for most users. They are great and simple ways to automate your home. 

We've all been there. Nice and comfortable in bed, in the best position, and ready to fall asleep, but you have to get up to turn off the lights.

Philips Hue lamps are available everywhere and are not very expensive. In addition, they can connect with your smart speaker or an application on your phone and be controlled even when you are in bed.

3- Thermostat

Nest Learning Thermostat is a good option; it keeps your home adjusted automatically. It can also respond to voice commands from virtual assistants. 

This can fall on a more expensive side of the spectrum, but it is 1000% worth it! It can learn your patterns of the desired temperature and control it based on that.

Plus, going to sleep in a cold house feels great, but waking up to the cold makes you not want to leave your bed. So imagine going to sleep in the cold and waking up in a lovely warm house. 

4- Doorbell

Ring Video Doorbell 2

The Ring Video Doorbell 2 offers Full HD resolution, a quick-release rechargeable battery, and pre-roll images to capture images more clearly.

Smart doorbells are such an exciting investment as you can see who is getting home when a package arrives or even if someone is trying to break into your home.

Most doorbells are also equipped with two-way audio allowing you to talk to someone back and forth, like saying a quick "hey kids, lunch is on the stove" when you see them arriving home from school while you are at your job.

5- Home Hub

The Samsung SmartThings Hub central router supports almost all wireless protocols, along with Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands and more, to facilitate home automation.

Of course, all of this comes at a cost, but you will realize that saving mainly on energy will be welcome! And in the long run, it will end up paying for itself with the money it will save you.

The bottom line

Believe me; you will be happy with the security of knowing who is knocking on your door, even before you open it. And for sure, you will sleep much more peacefully when your whole house lies at your fingertips.

Welcome to the world of smart homes. There is a lot of options and variations of combinations possible. So go crazy! Mix and match.

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