Why should you have a smart home?

Having a Smart Home nowadays is not too difficult a task. In fact, many homes are becoming increasingly smarter at inexpensive prices. But the million-dollar question this article will answer is: "why should you have a smart home?".

why smart homes are important

The answer is very simple and quick to understand; with a set of devices, you can make your home more effective in terms of security and economy, and you control everything using a mobile device such as a tablet or a smartphone.

This means that you have more control over what happens in your home. 

As smart home increase the home value as well. According to Coldwellbanker, "Homebuyers are catching the Smart Home fever".

Here are some things you can do when you switch to a smart home:

  1. Know who enters and leaves your home;
  2. Control garden irrigation;
  3. Turn the lights on and off;
  4. Control home appliances;
  5. Install a solar panel to integrate with your devices;
  6. Control anything that may be connected to the central control device.

Keep in mind this is just a small example of the endless list of things that can be controlled and monitored with a smart home!

The number of houses that already have an automation system and are turning into smart houses is growing considerably. Though smart home devices are not always energy efficient, most can be used in ways that help save energy.

When you have smart appliances, lights, or thermostats, you can control when and how they work. Therefore, you have more control over energy use and are more likely to change your energy consumption habits.

The main components of a Smart Home 

1- Wi-Fi connection

2- Smart Home devices and/or appliances

3- An intelligent home system to connect, monitor, and control these devices.

A smart device is an electronic device that can be connected to your smart home system, which can interact with other devices. Imagine remotely turning something on or off from your home, such as a TV, light, or stereo.

You may also be able to create scenes to be played at specific times.

Like when you wake up, for example, your coffee maker can turn on, your favorite music starts playing, the lights come on, the curtains open, etc.

Why smart homes are important? 

are smart home devices invading our privacy

As the smart home market is still emerging, there are several different options for smart home systems or home automation hubs. Most equipment is only compatible with other specific systems; confirm compatibility before purchasing.

The security aspect 

Smart locks are an incredible addition to your home. You can lock and unlock the door remotely, and you can have a record of who entered and left.

Nowadays, companies allow you to purchase their systems, instead of having to make sure that each product you buy is compatible with other devices in your home. An example is the Vivint Home Security.

Security alerts can give you peace of mind. There is a wide variety: for leaks, or because you left the door open, or there is smoke, or when someone rings the bell, and plenty of other alerts.

Cameras also allow you to see what happens remotely, therefore, keeping your home safe. Additionally, you can use sensors to be aware of any movement around your home.

Economics savings 

These devices might set you back a couple of bucks, but most importantly, they can make up their initial cost and even save you more money in the long run.

You can save energy with smart thermostats, lights, and switches. The best part is that they can be controlled in many ways; you may want them to turn off at a specific time, you can place a presence sensor, or even turn them off by your cell phone.

Identify your needs! Find out exactly what you're looking for in a smart home, then choose the areas you want to start with.

Surely, while you were at work, you have already stopped to think if you left something connected at your home or if someone you expected came home.

With all this technology surrounding us, it is very easy to be more relaxed when we are not physically at home!

The bottom line

Knowing what is happening in your residence has become a requirement nowadays, isn't it? Then see how to start your project by studying our articles and learning all about smart homes.

And think how much you can make your home safe and efficient for you and your family!

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