Can smart home locks be hacked?

Knock knock. Can smart locks be hacked? This article will go over how to prevent smart locks from being hacked as nothing is 100% secure.

prevent smart locks from being hacked

Keep on reading to learn how you can benefit from new technology in the market and how to prepare yourself against technological invaders.

The locks that use Bluetooth or Wi-Fi are a fantastic help since they do not need keys if you can change the codes for each visitor, or you can even lock or open them remotely..

Additionally, you can also use smart home devices to control smart locks like Alexa, and Google. Even Siri can do it through your Apple devices.

These smart locks serve a great purpose and are a fantastic way to make your house safer and easier to control. But is the security that smart locks provide us more important than the traditional one?

This thought will depend on your point of view and how you face the new technological age. First, however, there is a crucial question. Can smart locks be hacked? Let's go over it now.

Can smart locks be hacked?

Unfortunately, some people can't let you have peace. So, the answer is yes! A smart lock can be hacked.

However, if a person intends to rob your home, they will likely pick the lock instead of breaking a window that attracts attention. A smart lock can make it harder to access your home. But certainly not impossible!

While traditional locks are opened with physical keys, smart locks are opened with passwords and combinations. Way easier, isn't it?

Many people tend to hide keys in the front lawn or backyard in case of an emergency. But if someone is watching your routine, they can easily find and use the keys to get into your home.

If your lock password is too easy, the same can happen, and anyone can quickly gain access to your home.

There have been cases in which smart lock failures happen because of the manufacturer. For example, this can happen if customers' passwords are stored in plain text; that means that anyone who can access your system will have access to your password.

Some companies need to include software capable of avoiding the various methods hackers use, such as decompiled APK files (Android Package Kit). Without the proper protections, hackers can access your account and potentially your home.

Phone access

smart locks controlled by phone

Be aware that some smart locks will open if the phone is detected nearby. Most smart locks are controlled via an app; if your smartphone is stolen, criminals can potentially open the app and unlock your home.

Thieves may not attempt to hack your locks, as they might go the old fashion way and attempt to remove your lock. However, just like with traditional locks, thieves can use tools to break and remove smart locks physically.

Thinking of these risks shows that there are various reasons why you can't be safe without a home monitoring system. A smart lock is a step in the right direction to ensure your safety.

With these risks in mind, it is vital to learn how to avoid being a victim. So, how do you prevent a hacker from breaking into your smart lock?

Prevent your smart lock from being hacked

There are a few ways to reduce the risk and prevent smart locks from being hacked.

1. Protect your password

Choose a unique password that is not easy to guess, such as 1234 or 4321. Try to stay away from easy patterns or repeating the same digit more than once.

It is also crucial to change it as frequently as possible to keep you safer and do not share your password with anyone you don't trust.

2. Update the software as soon as it is allowed

Nowadays, manufacturers are trying to protect their equipment more and release software updates frequently. Therefore, it is essential to always keep your updates enabled at all times to allow safer measures. 

3. Integrate alarm and camera into the system. 

While it doesn't prevent a hacker from breaking into your home, some smart locks have built-in alarms designed to scare off criminals who try to disable them.

Cameras can also help to scare offenders who don't want their faces captured on video.

4. Purchase a reliable lock

Before purchasing any lock, research the equipment's features! The most expensive is not always the best, but a thorough evaluation is necessary. Investing in a good lock is one of the best ways to prevent smart locks from being hacked.

What should I look for in a smart lock?

locking doors with phone

If you decide to get a smart lock, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the best one for you.

Fortunately, locks of this type are getting smarter and safer all the time, and users can take steps to help make them even more secure.

There is a feature that allows you to immediately deactivate your application and any virtual keys that you have handed over in case your phone is lost or stolen.

Company reputation can be a good point of assessment for making a decision about the equipment.

While we all want to get the best deal, it's usually a good idea to buy home security equipment from a company that has a well-established reputation and receives positive reviews from customers.

Locks that let you create a long password also help prevent an invasion. Another beneficial feature is double authentication that ensures the system you have access to the home.

This means that they require identification in addition to just a password, such as a PIN sent by text message or to your email, in order to change anything on your equipment or system.

It is a matter of personal preference to have this type of device. Smart locks can be a good choice for those who prefer technology products and like the convenience of not having to carry keys around!

The bottom line

Smart locks can also be useful for various places, especially if you have babysitters and a cleaner. You can let them inside your home without giving them a key or being home. Plus, you can lock or unlock your door remotely!

The convenience of smart locks coupled with that of additional security outweighs any risk of hacking. But only you can decide if the investment is worth it for your home!

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