ADT error code 6F or bF (solved)

In this article, I explain how to fix the ADT error code 6F.

You probably saw this error in the alarm panel's LCD, right?

ADT Error Code bF

Honeywell 6150 keypad shows error code bF

Quick heads up, you probably didn't get the information correctly.

The error code 6f is, in fact, error code bf (letter b as in BRAVO and F as in FOX).

People usually misread the letter b as the number 6.

So the ADT error code is "bf" or, to make it easier to read, "BF".

OK, now that you know you got this error, let's see what it means and how to fix it.

What is the error code bF?

The error code bF shows up in the Honeywell 6150 keypad used by ADT.

BF stands for "Backup Failure" and it's related to the keypad communication.

It's associated with the Long-Range Radio backup system, and it usually means the radio can no longer communicate with the ADT monitoring centers due to a network error. As a result, the events are not reported via the wireless connection.

If you have the alpha-numeric keypad, you can see the message Check 103 LngRng, which indicates the problem with the radio, as shown in the picture below.

ADT Error message Check 103 LngRng radio message

This type of keypad shows more details about the error.

As you can see, there is a number (0000) at the end of the message, which indicates the keypad panel has lost communication with the communicator.

Now that you know what the bF error code means let's see how to fix it.

Problems related to the error code bF

Here are the most common problems related to this error.

The Internet is down

Internet is not 100% reliable, and sometimes it goes down.

When you see the error message on the keypad, check if the Internet is up.

Here are some steps you can follow.

  • Check if your Internet router is up and running;
  • If the router is frozen, just reboot it (unplug and plug to power);
  • Use a computer/laptop or mobile device to navigate the Internet.
  • If the Internet is down, talk to your ISP (Internet Service Provider).

The cellular signal is not strong enough

Alarm systems rely on landlines, cellular communications, or the Internet.

The backup failure error also shows up if the panel can't communicate to the next cellular tower, so you need to figure out what is wrong.

Follow the steps to diagnose the problem.

  • Check if the cellular signal is OK in your home;
  • Check the connection cables in the keypad panel.

==> For more information on how to reboot your alarm system by following the procedures in the article How to Fix ADT error code 103.

The system is not activated

You can see the error message if the system (communicator) is not activated.

The activation is done after the first installation.

Call your ADT Dealer if the system is inactive

Faulty device

Unfortunately, sometimes the problem can be related to a faulty device.

Sometimes the hardware gets an electrical discharge or simply stops working.

Electronic devices are not meant to work forever, so you need to replace the panel if that's your case. You may call your ADT dealer to assist you with that.

Clear the error code message

After fixing the problem, the bF error message (or Check 103 LngRng) still stays on the LCD, and you need to disarm and arm the alarm to make it go away.

It usually works if you disarm/arm the alarm twice.

Enter the master code + 1 in the keypad to disarm the alarm.

If the error goes away, it means the communication is back and working fine.


Now you know that the ADT error code 6F is, in fact, error code bF.

You have the information on how to fix it and I hope it can help you.

To learn more, plase visit the ADT website.

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