ADT pulse camera offline (solved)

In this article, I explain how to fix the problem with the ADT pulse camera offline.

ADT pulse Wi-Fi camera

ADT Wi-Fi camera

You usually note the camera is offline when you check the ADT pulse app and see a message that says "status unknown." Don't worry; there's a quick fix for that.

Why does the ADT pulse camera go offline?

This status message means the system is not detecting the camera.

The most common reasons for the offline issue are.

Power loss

If the camera is not adequately powered, it can't communicate with the ADT pulse app, and you may see the message that indicates the camera is offline.

To solve the problem check the following.

  • Check if the camera is connected to the power adapter;
  • Make sure the outlet the camera is conected to is working; 
  •  Verify if the camera LEDs are on;
Circuit breaker

It's quite common having the power accidentally disconnected from the camera and sometimes even have the circuit breaker disconnected for some reason. 

Make sure the power is OK and move on to the next step...

Wi-Fi signal loss

The ADP Pulse camera depends on the Wi-Fi signal to connect to the gateway.

Perhaps the signal between the camera and the gateway is not good enough.

Here are the steps to deal with this problem.

  • Make sure the ADT gateway is on;
  • Check the gateway LEDs to make sure it's working correctly; 
  •  Verify if the camera LEDs are on;
  • Turn off the gateway and the Wi-Fi camera;
  • Turn on the gateway and wait for 5 minutes;
  • Turn on the Wi-Fi camera;
  • Check if the camera is black online in the Pulse app.

Those are the most common steps to fix the problem.

If the problem persist try the next steps.

Extra steps to solve the problem

OK, you've checked the power and restarted the devices but still have the app displaying the offline message. Here's what to do next.

  • Move the Wi-Fi camera close to the ADT gateway;
  • Power cycle the Gateway and the camera (as previously described);
  • Disconnect and re-connect your smartphone to the Internet.

If the problem persists, visit the ADT website and ask for help.

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