ADT camera not recording (Quick fix)

This article can help you if your ADT camera is not recording the video.

Most people call the ADT customer support to solve this type of problem, but most of the time, the problem is related to a misconfiguration that you can fix yourself.

Sometimes is something simple such as the ADT camera not detecting motion.

Before calling a technician, follow the steps described in this article.

You definetely can save some money by doing that way...

Why your ADT camera is not recording

 The recording issue is usually related to the schedule or motion detection.

Let's take a look at both.

Motion detection parameters

Open the ADT system web interface and double-check the following.

  • Is motion detection enabled?
  • Is motion sensitivity appropriately adjusted?;
  • How about the object size configuration?

The picture below shows an example of the ADT Motion Detection.

ADT Video Motion Detection Enabled

ADT Video Motion Detection Configuration (click to enlarge)

Recording rules settings

The ADT system can record all the time or just on specific intervals.

Make sure the setup is correct by looking at the recording rules.

The picture below shows the configuration you must check.

ADT Recording Rules recording all the time

ADT System Recording Rules - Record all times (click to enlarge)

For most situations, the option for recording "At all times" is better.

You don't want to miss any event in front of the camera, do you?

Just keep the camera ready to record all the time, as long as it can detect motion.

The bottom line

You can save some money fixing the problem by yourself.

The ADT cameras work with a recording system that depends on the correct setup that is usually done by a certified technician; however, it's not rocket science.

If your ADT cameras stop recording, check the system before open your wallet.

If it does not work, you can visit the ADT website for extra help.

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