Do ADT cameras work without WiFi?

Are you considering signing a contract for the ADT security system but still have a concern with the question "Do ADT cameras work without WiFi? "

The answer is, yes, the ADT cameras work without WiFi. Let's discuss the details.

Man thinking about ADT security system

Rest assured that the ADT alarm works without Internet; you just need to be aware of some system limitations. Still, it's not to be concerned about.

ADT services provided without WiFi

Let's talk about the services that work even without a WiFi connection.

The ADT wireless network

There's a proprietary wireless service for the ADT security door, window, fire/heat, and carbon monoxide sensors. They don't depend on the WiFi signal to work.

It's not the best alternative if you consider using some of the ADT advanced features for remote light and thermostat controls or video monitoring because an Internet connection is essential for such services.

The ADT Pulse Intractive

There's no need for WiFi connection to remotely arming or disarming the ADT Pulse Interactive alarm system. You even have supplementary notifications and alerts sent to you remotely by ADT.

To wrap it up. Essential services and alarm monitoring are available via a PC with a web browser or via a mobile phone.


Now you know that ADT cameras work without WiFi, so you have enough information to decide if the service is good enough for your application. 

Just be aware of the limitations and choose wisely.

For more information, please visit the ADT website.

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