How to change ADT alarm code

In this article, I explain how to change the ADT alarm code.

Use the keypad to change the ADT alarm code

ADT keypad

Sometimes you need to change the code because somebody else knows the one you use, or perhaps you want to change it to keep your alarm system safe.

Before changing your code, let's take a look at some important details.

There are more than one type of access code

ADT system has the following access codes.

  • User access code;
  • Master code;
  • Duress code.

Each one of these codes has a different level of permission and privileges.

Let's talk about them.

The user access code

This type of code allows the user to arm and disarm the alarm system.

The user is limited to basic activities and doesn't have access to the system setup.

The master code

The master code allows you to manage the system and make changes.

With this code, it's possible to arm and disarm the system, add and remove new users from the system and change their access codes.

This level of access also allows you to change the system settings.

The duress code

It's possible to use the duress code to send a silent alarm to the central station

The duress code is frequently used when somebody forces a person to disarm the alarm system. The system receives the code and alerts the authorities. 

The steps to change the master code

Follow the steps below to change the ADT access code.

  • Press the star key (*) and then the number 5 on the keypad;
  • Type the current master code number;
  • Wait until the yellow light flashes;
  • Type the number 40 in the keypad;
  • Enter the new code;
  • Press the # key.

As you may know, it's necessary to have the master code to execute this procedure.

The number 40 indicates you want to change the code and it works for some ADT systems, read the product manual to make sure you the correct number.

How to change the user code

Follow the steps below to change the user codes in the ADT system.

  • Press the star key (*) and the number 5 on the panel keypad;
  • Enter your master code;
  • Select the number that represents the user;
  • Enter the new user code;
  • Press the # key.

Default duress code

Most ADT systems use the number 2580 as the default duress code; other ADT systems use the code 33 or 34. To make sure which one works with yours, call your provider and ask for that information.

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