Does ADT Charge for False Alarms?

ou don't want to waste your money, right? I mean... Who does?

So, you got here to look for an answer to the question: 

"Does ADT charge for false alarms?"

Disarming an ADT alarm

No. ADT does not charge you for false alarms unless the local authorities apply ADT charges, which will repass them to the consumer, meaning you.

You will be notified and receive a bill is that applies to your case.

The extra cost of an ADT alarm system

You may face some extra costs with the ADT alarm system.

Sometimes false alarms and penalties can go deep into your pocket.

Let's take a loot at such extra costs....

The cost of ADT false alarms

There's no fixed cost for false alarms, but in general, the cost of ADT alarms vary between $20 to $75 per year. But that depends on the place you live.

The permit penalties

Yeah, there's a fine for not having a permit.

Again, depending on where you have the alarm installed, the cost with permit penalty can go up to $1,000. So it's better to get your permit as soon as possible. 

Why does ADT charges for false alarms?

The false alarms are charged because it's necessary to use law enforcement to deal with them, which costs money from taxes. Pretty simple, right?

People don't want their taxes used to pay the local police to come to their neighbor's house to check for an annoying false alarm. And that makes sense.

The situation is even worst, with so many businesses around the country having false alarms every single day. It's really a lot to deal with.

The most common causes of false alarms

Here are the most common causes for false alarms:

  • Doors, windows and gates left open;
  • Kids playing around with the alarm or sensors;
  • Pets moving in front of the motion sensors;
  • People that don't know how to handle the alarm system;
  • Visitors that don't understand how the alarm system works.
  • Contractors and staff that are not aware of the alarm system.
  • A Low battery or faulty device.

How To Avoid False Alarms?

Yeah, you can avoid false alarms and save some money in the process.

Let's take a look at how to prevent false alarms...

Train people and organize the place

You can train people to deal with your ADT alarm and also take care of the small details that may trigger the alarm by accident. You can save some money.

Alarm systems are designed to protect your property, so make sure you are using them correctly by checking every window and door they suppose to protect.

You are not only protecting your house, business, and family, but you are also preventing false alarms and unnecessary explanations to the authorities.

When you leave the premises, small objects such as toys and papers can move or fall from their place, mainly if they are located close to the air conditioner.

Get your place organized to avoid such things.

Talk to your employees and contractors about the alarm and show them how to arm/disarm it when necessary. You can create an extra account for that.

Check your equipment

Faulty devices and a low battery can trigger a false alarm as well.

Here are some technical issues you may be aware of:

  • Damaged sensors;
  • Bad wiring;
  • Low battery;
  • Misplaced sensors;
  • Faulty panel;
  • Bad installation.

Check these items to make sure you don't get false alarms due to technical issues.

Make sure ADT installed the equipment correctly.


ADT may or may not charge you for false alarms depending on the local ordinance.

Some cities and states charge ADT because they need to use law enforcement to check false alarms, which costs taxpayers money. So the cost is repassed to you.

Check the local ordinance, review your alarm system, and organize yourself, your family, and your staff to avoid such false alarms.

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