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Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Light Switch ON OFF Position

Do smart bulbs work with normal light switches?

Do smart bulbs work with normal light switches?Yeah, chances are you are here because you want an answer to this question.Believe me; I’ve been there. When I was shopping around, I asked myself if I could just buy a Philips hue smart bulb and replace my regular light bulb even if I didn’t have a […]

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Nest Thermostat Battery Menu

How does a Nest thermostat save me money?

In this article I talk about how Nest thermostat can save you money.Nest is a smart thermostat that not only saves energy but also helps you cut down on your monthly heating costs. It also learns from your lifestyle and automatically adapts to the weather so you can save even more. The Self-Learning Thermostat Nest adjusts […]

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Ring alarm system cost

How much does an apartment alarm system cost?

Chances are you are reading this article because you want to know how much an apartment alarm system costs, so let’s talk about that.According to a new study, burglaries and invasions in apartment buildings are 85 percent more common than those in single-family houses. As a result, installing home security systems that deter burglars and […]

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controlling smart home

How to secure your smart home devices

It’s important learn how to secure your smart home devices because security breaches in smart homes are on the rise, and it’s not just about consumers.A cyber breach in a home automation system can be fatal, such as when an unauthorized person can insert malware into an electrical grid that controls power plants and substations. A […]

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YouTube Spninning FireStick

How to Fix YouTube Spinning Circle on Firestick (In Less Than 2 minutes)

This article explains how to fix the YouTube Spinning Circle on Firestick.This is a common problem, but you can fix it pretty fast.I have a Firestick 4K that stated and I could make it work in less than 2 minutesLet’s take a look at how to fix this problem…How to fix the YouTube Spinning CircleI know the […]

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How to Reset Simplisafe Base Station

In this article, I show how to reset the SimpliSafe Base Station.If your SimpliSafe alarm system has some issues, you may need to reset the base station to get it up and running again.The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes.Here’s how to reset the SimpliSafe Base Station?If your SimpliSafe base station does […]

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ADT System

Can ADT work without a landline?

In this article, let’s answer the question, “Can ADT work without a landline?“ ADT has been providing home security for over 130 years and has evolved with the times. The company now offers a wireless system that can work without a landline connection. Does ADT require a telephone line? No. It’s not mandatory to have […]

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Are ADT cameras good?

ADT is one of the most popular security companies in the USA. It’s been around close to 150 years and has millions of clients around the country using its alarm system and security cameras. With the increasing number of competitors in the market offering security cameras as well, people are raising the question, Are ADT […]

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Apple Airpods

How to change ownership of my AirPods

In this article, I talk about how to change the Apple AirPods ownership?With so many new product launches, people tend to sell their old stuff just to get the most updated version of a product, and with that comes the need to prepare the old device for sale and wipe all the data.Let’s take a […]

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Lux Pro Thermostat

Luxpro Thermostat Issues (Solved)

In this article, I talk about how to solve Luxpro Thermostat problems.There are some common issues associated with this thermostat that you can fix yourself by just following some tips available here.Let’s talk about thermostat Reset, Forgotten Lock Code, and Blank screen.The Luxpro Thermostat is not workingSuppose your Luxpro Thermostat is not working at all, […]

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