Does Ring Alarm Work with Blink?

Ring and Blink are two brands commonly known in the world of home security systems. Both are a great addition to your home system and add an extra layer of safety. But can the Ring Alarm work with Blink?

Though they target different audiences, they are both parts of Amazon. Blink is more inclined to inexpensive smart cameras, making affordability a significant factor. In contrast, Ring focuses on more professional monitoring and is an evolved security company.

Regardless of their common ground with Amazon, Ring Alarm and Blink do not work together. Unfortunately, they are not compatible communication issues between the two would be hectic.

Home system fanatics understand the desire of having such a great mix pair up. Still, it has not become a reality just yet as Ring and Blink have no compatible devices at all in the current market.

Blink is known for its gadgets pumped full of features and wallet-friendly. Furthermore, Ring is making it big, as there is one sitting on everyone’s front porch. Mixing the two is a no-brainer.

But could we possibly be heading in that direction any time soon? Is this something that Amazon might bring up in the future? Let’s talk about the reasons why Ring and Blink do not work together.

Why doesn’t Ring Alarm and Blink work together?

Owned by the same company, Amazon, there is a reason why many of us are collectively awaiting a hybrid launch of the two brands. However, we must take a look at this through the eyes of Amazon.

With Ring Alarm and Blink, Amazon is making revenue like never before. It continues to provide two brands, both having apps, and different technology integrations. Thus, meaning two revenues of money and gives them no reason to cut down the devices they produce.

Subsidizing and combining the two might not sell products as much, and Amazon would be losing money. When this occurs, many people find connections and workarounds, but this isn’t the case with the Ring Alarms working with Blink.

Monitoring Ring Alarms and Blink through Alexa

Though there is still no hope for a straight connection between the two, you can continue monitoring them both through the Alexa devices. Specifically, the Amazon Show to observe your cameras.

Ring cameras are primarily built to be outside, while Blink cameras are mostly indoor. Having a clear line of connection between the two can facilitate customer usage.

To add your cameras to the Alexa App, you will have to follow these steps:

  • Download the Alexa App through the Google Play Store or the Apple Store
  • Make sure you are logged in to your Amazon account
  • At the bottom of the screen, click on “More.” then “Skills and Games.”
  • Search up “Blink SmartHome” and enable the use of the App
  • You will be sent to a sign-in page and will pair your device with Alexa.
  • After you are done, you should have access to all your Blink Cameras.

This process needs to be repeated to add and connect your Ring Devices by signing in to your Ring account. To do so, follow the same steps, but search up “Ring Skills.” 

You can mess around and play with the routines if you so wish. Just keep in mind some things might not work as Ring and Blink aren’t compatible. 

Compatible devices with Ring Alarm

Regardless of the fact that you cannot utilize Blink with the Ring Alarm, plenty of devices can connect with the Ring brand. Let’s take a look at some in the market.

yes, the Ring alarm work with blink

Yale Assure Lock

The voice-controlled lock is directly connected to Alexa, which is also compatible with Ring Alarm.

Leviton Decora Smart Switch

Walking up to your driveway and having the lights turn on automatically seems like a dream from TV and movies. What if I told you it could be a reality? Isn’t that the dream?

The Leviton Decora Switch is compatible with the Ring Alarm. It can also be connected to Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt

Lastly, the deadbolt made by Schlage Connect is compatible with the Ring brand and has a built-in alarm to facilitate use. Furthermore, around 30 different codes of access can be created.

Apart from switches and smart locks, Ring is not compatible with many devices as of yet. The brand highly focuses on its compatibility with other Ring devices to continue encouraging customers to buy more.

Ring keeping its compatibility list minimal can create an issue for consumers. However, The Ring brand continues to render revenue because of the high quality of Ring products.

Therefore it is clear that Ring products are worth it, but only if you invest in all devices in the Ring brand and keep from mixing and matching.

Bottom Line

Hopefully, in the near future, Amazon will integrate more compatibility into Ring and Blink devices in the hope that they will connect quickly and create a seamless connection. 

Though there is plenty to choose from in the Ring brand market, sometimes customers like to branch out and try other brands that offer more or are more affordable options. Not being able to connect them makes Ring a little undesirable to buyers with a set budget.

As for Blink, Amazon will probably continue to produce its audience an inexpensive and budget-friendly market that it currently has and not mix it with Ring.

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