How to Adjust ADT Glass Break Sensor

This post will discuss the ADT glass break sensor, a popular device installed in many homes. They serve as an extra precaution and are a fantastic addition to your security system.

Glass break sensors were made to detect breaking sounds and alert you that something might be wrong. Whether the cat dropped a cup off the table or a burglar is making himself at home, the sound of glass breaking will be detected, and you will be alerted.

The sensors work by picking up the vibration made and the frequency emitted and assessing that there might be a potential danger. 

One of the more common brands is the ADT glass break sensor. They are offered in their bundles and sets; chances are you bought one if you bought a camera package. Though they are a fabulous addition to your home security system, buyers have stated that they are too sensitive or go off too easily, alerting customers of non-existent dangers.

When to replace the ADT glass break sensor?

Though adjusting the sensor can be an excellent remedy when you need it; you might need to replace the break sensor if the methods below do not work for your situation. 

Additionally, suppose the sensitivity cannot be adjusted. In that case, it can also mean you have to change the sensor instead of working around it; or contact the company if you have a warranty on the product and could exchange it for free.

Are ADT glass break sensors worth it?

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Nine times out of ten, the sound of glass breaking is not a good thing. Being alerted that someone might have broken your window and made their way into your home can be the difference between catching that person or having them get away with your things.

Furthermore, it can also be reassuring for parents that leave their children home alone after school. And could alert you that a trip to the hospital is needed immediately before they even call you to tell you something is wrong. 

These are some of the reasons why glass breaking sensors have become so common in households worldwide, and for good reason. Nevertheless, you must ensure that your sensor activates the correct sounds; otherwise, it’s ineffective.

Therefore, your sensor must be set to the correct sensitivity; so it goes off when it needs to and does not alert you every few minutes without reason. By testing your devices every so often, you ensure that the sensor will not go off to loud noises.

How often should you test your glass break sensor’s sensitivity?

Before I tell you how to test for the sensor’s sensitivity, you should know that you need to test it regularly. Once a month is usually a good amount to guarantee that the sensor picks up any glass sounds and keeps intruders out of your home.

How to adjust ADT glass break sensor?

Once a month may sound like a lot but worry not; it is a short process that anyone can easily do. You will need to access the alarm panel and make sure your device is set on testing mode.

Once on test mode, you will attempt to trigger the alarm. Do not go around breaking glass in your home! You can simply use videos online or download an app to recreate the sound. In this step, you should have the volume high enough that the sensor can hear it.

It is done to assure that the frequency of the sound of glass breaking is being recognized by the sensor. However, if the alarm is not triggered by the sound, the level of sensitivity will need to be checked.

Is your ADT glass break sensor too sensitive?

If the sound of thunder, firework, or kids running around triggers your sensor, its sensitivity is off. The sensor should not identify the sounds like glass breaking, whether on test mode or activated.

In test mode, you can also play various sounds to ensure that the sensor isn’t confusing glass and other loud sounds. The farther you can get from the sensor and playing the glass-breaking sound, the better.

The placement of your sensor

When installing your sensor, it is vital to get into the mindset of a burglar. Look around your home and think about the most attractive entry point for the thief.

Keep in mind, they will want as little visibility possible and a quick way of escape, so aim for a window in the back of the home or where a nosy neighbor cannot see them. 

Bottom line

Though the addition of the glass break sensor in your home is an advantage and keeps you safer, the sensitivity has to be cared for. Adjusting the sensor might be a tedious task; but it is up to the customer to know if they are willing to test it often to ensure your home will be safer.

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