How to Reset the Soliom S600 Camera

Here you can learn how to reset the Soliom S600 Camera to factory default.

If you lost the password or need to start the setup all over again, please just follow the instruction in this article to get your camera reset in less than 2 minutes.

So, here we go...

Reset the Soliom S600 to factory default

I have a Soliom S600 camera and used this procedure to reset it.

Follow the steps below to reset your camera.

  • Connect the solar panel to the camera;
  • Slide the power button to ON;
  • Remove the camera cap;
  • Press and hold the reset button;
  • Wait for the audio confirmation message;
  • Release the reset button.
Soliom 600 reset button

Wait until you hear the following messages.

  • "System reset" 
  • The camera is now ready to begin pairing"

And it's done.

Pretty easy, right?

Now you can use your mobile phone to pair the camera again.

Video: How to reset the Soliom S600

Here's a quick video on how to reset the camera.

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