Ring Spotlight is Flashing On and Off (solved)

If you are concerned about your Ring Spotlight flashing On and Off, you are at the right place. Here I will explain why that happens and how to fix the problem.

Ring spotlight camera

It's crucial to understand how this product works so you can adjust it correctly.

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How the Ring spotlight works

The Ring Spotlight Cam uses light to illuminate the area and get better footage at nighttime. There's a motion sensor that activates when people or animals are passing by the camera.

As you can see, the camera should not use the spotlight during the day because there's sunlight available, and it's not necessary to have extra illumination.

The Ring spotlight issue

I've seen people reporting problems with the Ring spotlight camera flashing on and off frequently, which can make the battery drain fast.

Here are the most common causes for the Ring Spotlight On/Off issue.

  • Low battery;
  • The triggering threshold is set too high;
  • The motion sensitivity is set to high.
  • Don't worry; there's a quick fix for this problem.

    How to fix Ring Spotlight camera flashing problem

    Since the camera uses rechargeable batteries, you will see the flashing lights instead of a steady one if it runs on a low battery.

    You need to periodically charge the batteries so the camera can operate correctly.

    Here are the steps to charge the camera's battery:

  • Press the white button and lift the cover to open the battery compartment.
  • Press the releasing tab to remove the battery;
  • Connect the battery to a charger using a micro USB cable;
  • Observe the LEDs that should indicate charging in progress;
  • Wait until the light on the battery is solid green.
  • Insert the battery back into the camera.
  • Power the camera on.
  • After changing the camera, check the battery level.

    Open the Camera App and go to the "Devices" menu.

    Look at the top right corner to check the battery level.

    The camera usually starts flashing when the battery level is below 10%.

    You may also check the camera motion sensitivity.

    Adjust the camera’s motion sensitivity

    The camera detects motion and then turns the spotlight on.

    If the motion sensitivity is set too high, every slight movement in front of the camera can trigger the spotlight, and that's not what you want, right?.

    So, make sure you adjust the motion detection sensitivity; here are the steps:

  • Open the ring App;
  • Go to Devices;
  • Tap the device you want to adjust;
  • Tap "Motion Settings";
  • Tap "Motion Zones";
  • Follow the app instructions.
  • Be careful with the motion adjustments.

    If the camera detects motion too often, the spotlight will keep flashing all the time.

    So avoid using this feature if the area is too crowded with many people or animals circulating all the time.

    Adjust the camera motion settings

    Here's how to adjust the camera motion settings:

  • Open the Camera App;
  • Go to Settings > Motion Sensitivity
  • Drag the blue area to the desired area
  • Change the zones as you wish
  • Keep trying until you reach the best setup.
  • You need to adjust the camera according to the environment and situation. That process may vary for different scenarios.

    Adjust the Motion Frequency

    If the frequency is too high, you may find some issues with excessive motion detection. Try adjusting the setup to meet your needs.

    You don't want to have the spotlight flashing all the time, so make sure you adjust the motion frequency appropriately. It is worth investing time for fine adjustments.

    Check the activity in the area

    You can check the area to see if there's too much activity like people or children walking around all the time or perhaps even small animals and big insects.

    As you may know, anything is alive, and moving in front of the camera can trigger the motion sensor and turn the spotlight on.

    Insects are not usually a problem unless they are big and close enough to the camera to trigger the motion sensor, but you need to be aware of pets and other animals that may be around playing in front of your spotlight camera.

    Of course, you need to figure out a way to minimize the animal effect on the motion sensor, perhaps moving its position a little bit or moving objects around to avoid the presence of such animals.


    Your Ring Spotlight Cam is an excellent product; however, it can drive you crazy with so many spotlight events, so make sure you adjust the settings.

    I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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