How to add ADT sensor to Samsung SmartThings

In this article, I show how to add an ADT motion sensor to SmartThings.

The process is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes.

How to add ADT sensor to SmartThings

Here are the steps to add the sensor to the hub.

  • Disarm the security hub;
  • Make sure the sensor is within 350 feet;
  • Open the SmartThings app on your smartphone;
  • Click the "My Home" tab;
  • Click on "Things";
  • Select "Add a Thing";
  • Scan the QR code on the sensor;
  • Follow the steps on the screen.
Add ADT Sensor to SmartThings


And it's done.

You successfully added the ADT sensor to Samsung SmartThings.

Make sure to remove the battery tab from the sensor.

ADT Sensor Tab


You can also remote the QR code from the sensor and keep it in a safe place just in case you need to use it again.

And that's all.

Enjoy your ADT sensor working with SmartThings.

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