Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt camera review

This article is an Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt camera review.

I purchased this smart camera on Amazon to test it as a baby monitor.

The product is small, elegant, and easy to use. Let's talk more about its features.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Camera


Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt camera

The product as described as at 1080P Smart Home WiFi Camera the works as a Baby Monitor and with features such as AI Human Detection, Motion-Tracking,

You can also enable the 2-Way Audio and Night Vision features to use the camera as an indoor Pet, Dog, Nanny monitor using the smartphone app.

What is on the box

The Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Till camera comes in a small box with a power adapter, USB cable, screws and mounting accessories, and a user manual.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Camera What is the box

The user manual has easy-to-follow instructions for the camera setup.

The Amcrest Wi-Fi camera setup

Connect the camera to the power adapter and follow the step-by-step.

  • Download the Amcrest App;
  • Create an online account;
  • Open the App to add a new camera;
  • Use the mobile to scan the QR code;
  • Follow the setup wizard.

The pictures below illustrate the setup process...

- Install the Amcrest Smart Home App.

Amcrest Smart home App

- Open the App and click the "Add Camera" button.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Add camera

- Use the mobile to scan the camera's QR code.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Camera QR Code

Follow the extra steps to connect to the Wi-Fi router, create your Amcrest account and choose a username and password to login into the device and your done.

Camera overview and features

The Amcrest WiFi camera has an intuitive interface. 

It's  easy to use with the image on the main screen and all the buttons below.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Camera on the App

As you can see in this picture, the camera has quick buttons to change from single to multiview and enable features such as 2-way audio and Baby Monitor.

Full Screen Mode

You can also view the image in Full Screen, enable the Pan/Tilt to move the camera, take a snapshot, record locally on your mobile, and change the video quality.

Take a look at the picture with the image in Full Screen mode. Impressive, huh ? 🙂

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Add camera full screen

Multiview Mode

The Multiview mode is useful if you have more than one Amcrest camera.

As you can see in the picture below, it's possible to add extra cameras.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Camera on the App Multiview

You can use this feature to view cameras on multiple locations.

Night View Mode

At nighttime, the camera automatically turns on the infrared LED.

The quality is outstanding, especially to use as a baby or pet monitor.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt in Night Mode

Yeah, I have two cats, and they can't hide from me now 🙂

Baby monitor mode

Just turn on the baby monitor mode and the camera does the rest.

You can watch the live video and hear everything in the room.

Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt Camera on the App Baby Monnitor

Toggle the buttons to leave the Baby Monitor in different modes.

The graph shows the audio signal level so you can make sure it's working.

During my tests, I could hear everything in the room without a problem.

Cloud and local recording

You can insert a micro SD card into the camera for local recording.

Amcrest Smart home App Micro SD Card Storage

It's also possible to use the cloud recording service offered by Amcrest.

There's a 1-year free trial and other paid options.  See the picture below.

Amcrest Smart home App-Add Activate Cloud Storage Price

The free trial automatically changes to a paid version after 1 year.

If you choose this option, make sure you are aware of this change.

Playback interface

You can access the recorded video on the local storage or in the cloud.

The playback interface is straightforward to use.

Amcrest Smart home App Playback

The blue bars indicate video recording,

You just need to select the time and click the icon to show the recorded videos.

Pros an cons

This is a product review and need to talk about the pros and cons.


  • Great video quality
  • Night vision mode
  • Baby monitor mode
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price


  • The mic too quiet


The Amcrest Wi-Fi Pan Tilt camera is an outstanding product.

You can purchase this camera and set up yourself in less than 5 minutes.

I really liked the camera features and I would recomend as a baby or pet monitor.

I hope this article can help you; please share it with your friends.

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