Wyze Cam Pan solid yellow light issue (solved)

In this article, I explain how to solve the Wyze Cam Pan solid yellow light issue.

Wyze Cam Pan Yellow Light

Some people reported a problem with the camera getting stuck with a solid yellow light. The camera was working fine in most cases, but after unplugging it from the power adapter, it can't work anymore when the power is plugged back.

What causes the solid yellow light issue

There are different reasons your Wyze camera can get stuck with this problem.

At first, the solid yellow light indicates the device is powered on and initializing.

After some time, the camera supposes to initialize and change the status to flashing yellow > flash yellow/blue > flashing blue and finally solid blue.

If the camera's internal software (firmware) gets corrupted, it can get stuck in the initializing process and never load the operating system to the memory.

The problem may also occur if there's no enough power to the camera or if the cable is not correctly connected. A bad connection can lead to a camera malfunction.

How to solve the solid yellow light issue

Here's a step-by-step camera troubleshooting.

Check the power cable connection

Use the original power adapter and cable that come with the camera and make sure there's no lousy connection on both ends of the cable. Remove any cable extensions to test if the problem can be solved.

The Wyze cam uses a standard USB to micro USB cable, so you can try using your smartphone's USB cable and the power adapter to test the camera.

Reflash the camera's firmware

You can install the camera's firmware again (reflash) to solve a corrupt file.

Follow the instructions below to reflash the Wyze Cam Pan firmware.

  • Download the firmware from the Wyze website;
  • Put the file on the root directory of a micro SD card;
  • Rename the file to "demo.bin";
  • Turn off the camera and insert the micro SD card;
  • Hold the camera setup button and plug the power cable;
  • Wait until the light is solid blue (3 to 5 sec), then release the setup button;
  • Wait for 3 to 5 minutes for the firmware installation;
  • Check if the camera starts working again.
  • This procedure usually fixes the problem, and the camera's light changes to solid blue to indicate that it's working.

    After this step, you may try using the Wyze App to check if your Wyze cam shows the live video.

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