How to connect Wyze Cam to Fire stick

In this article, I show you how to connect Wyze Cam to Fire stick.

That's interesting because you can just use your voice to order Alexa to show the Wyze camera you have available in your network.

The good news is that the Amazon Fire TV Stick works with the Wyze Cam v2 and the Wyze Cam Pan. There's no need for extra firmware or some kind of trick.

It's possible to stream the video from the camera directly to Alexa devices such as the Echo Show, Echo Spot, Fire Tablets and Fire stick connected to a TV.

If you have the Wyze Cam 1st generation, unfortunately it's not gonna work due to hardware limitation, so just get the version 2 🙂

Let's see how to set up the Wyze Cam on the Fire Stick.

How to set up the Wyze Cam with the Fire Stick

Make sure your Fire Stick is connected to the TV and enable the Alexa Skill.

Here are the steps:

1. Set up the Wyze Cam on Wyze App (choose a Friendly name);

2. Make sure the camera is using the latest firmware;

Wyze Cam Device Info

Click on "Device Info"

Firmware is up to date

3. Open the Alexa App and enable the Wyze Skill;

Click the icon at the top left

Look for "Skills & Games" and click on it

Alexa Skill and Games


Enable the Wyze Skill

Type your username and password to authenticate and sync it with Alexa.

Wyze Cam Authentication

After the authentication,  the accounts will be linked.

Akexa linked to Wyze Account

Click the button "DISCOVER DEVICES"  so Alexa can find your Wyze Cam.

Alexa discover devices

Alexa will take some time to discover the camera, just wait.

Alexa looking for devices

Now your camera is found, yay!!!

Alexa found camera

Show the Wyze Cam on the  Fire stick

Yeah, now you can use your remote control and ask Alex to show the Wyze Cam on the TV. How cool is that, huh? 

Just press the remote mic button and ask "Alexa show kitchen cam"

And you can see your Wyze Cam live... magic? Nope, this is technology 🙂 

Wyze Cam on TV using Firestick

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