How to set up the Wyze Cam on iSpy

Let's learn how to set up the Wyze Cam on iSpy.

This is a popular free software used by a lot of people, so it's important to learn how to set up inexpensive cameras such as the Wyze Cam and others.

Wyze Camera on iSPY Software

The picture shows the Wyze cam on iSPY. The RTSP protocol is used to stream the video, so it's necessary to install the RTSP firmware in the Wyze Cam.

The iSpy software

This popular software is good for people that want a free solution for IP cameras.

ISpy is Open Source software used for camera recording and monitoring, it's compatible with a lot of different brands and can work with the RTSP protocol.

To learn more read the article What is RTSP protocol for IP cameras and the article iSpy Software Review.

A quick overview of the RTSP protocol

Here's a quick look at the RTSP protocol...

RTSP stands for Real-Time Streaming Protocol and is the default standard for communication between IP devices used on surveillance and access control.

At first, this protocol is not available in the Wyze Cam but you can install it to make the camera compatible with different software and platforms.

To have Wyze Cam on iSpy just make sure the RTSP is enabled.

Let's see the steps to set up the Wyze cam on iSPY.

How to add an IP camera to the iSpy Software

That's very simple, just open the iSpy software click on "Add" and select the type of camera. For the Wyze Cam installation click on "IP cameras".

iSPy - Add camera button
how to set up the Wyze Cam on iSpy

Click the "FFMPEG(H264)" tab and enter the RTSP URL from your Wyze Cam.

The picture below shows an example : rtsp://user:Password@

Wyze Cam on iSPY

Now just click on "Test" to test the connection. You should see a message.

Wyze Cam on iSPY via RTSP connected

Go to the next window and give the camera a name.

Wyze Cam on the iSPY via RTSP Edit Camera

And here we go.... the Wyze Cam is working on the iSpy 😉

Wyze Camera on iSPY Software

As soon as you have the camera in the software, it starts recording it.

You can open the recording menu to do some changes.

The files are stored on the default folder:


iSpy recorded video clips

The files are in .mp4 which can be played with a regular video player.

I suggest you change folder location because the default one is weird 🙂


Now you know how to set up the Wyze Cam on iSpy. 🙂

I hope this information is useful and please just don't expect too much of the little Wyze camera recording on third-party software via RTSP.

You certainly will face some minor issues but this is quite normal for a solution with a $25 camera and a piece of free software, right?

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