How to stream the Wyze Cam to Chromecast

Here is are going to learn how to stream the Wyze Cam to Chromecast

You can ask your Google Assistant to stream the video from the camera to the TV.

The feature was implemented in the Wyze V2 and Wyze Pan, Cool, huh?

How to stream the Wyze Cam to Chromecast

To stream the Wyze Cam to your TV using Chromecast you just need to add the camera to the Google Home mobile app. It's very easy.

Stream The Wyze Cam to the Chromecast

Before gettting started make sure you have your Wyze Camera working and the Chromecast is connected to the TV's HDMI input, 

Open the Google Home assistant on your mobile and link it to your Wyze account.

Here are the steps to do that...

On the Google Home App click the "+" sign.

Wyze Cam on Chromecast Add Device

On the next screen, click on the "+" to Set up a device.

Setup Device

Choose the option that works with Google

Add the Device

Click to link the Wyze account.

Wyze Device

Enter the Wyze Account credentials.

Wyze Cam Sign Up

Add your Wyze Cam

Add Wyze Cam

Check is the device is added

Device Added

Choose the device location and click "Next

Choose the room

And that's it. Now you cam stream the Wyze Cam to Chromecast.

It's time to give the command to the Google Assistant.

Streaming the Wyze Cam to the Chromecast

OK, now it's time to cast the Wyze Cam to the Chromecast device and see the live video on your TV. You just need to ask the Google Assistant to do it.

"Hey Google, show kitchen cam on TV"...

Yay, everything is working and now I can use my voice to see my camera!

But, I noticed some problems with the implementation 🙁

Let's talk about them...

Problems with Wyze Cam and Chromecast

As soon as I asked Google to stream my Wyze Cam to TV I notice the problem.

It took a long time to start streaming... around 40 seconds, and that's a lot.

I also noticed some delay in the video, usually more than 15 seconds 🙁

So, I got it working but it's not as good as the Alexa working with Wyze Cam.

It takes about 30 to 40 seconds to load the video from the Wyze Cam on the TV.

Perhaps because my Chromecast is a little bit old (about 3 years or so).

I tried to update the firmware but it didn't work.

I'm also using the last firmware on the Wyze Cam, so the problem is not there.


Yes, I have my Wyze Cam ready to communicate with the Google Assistant but to be honest I'm not that happy with the implementation.

It's an alternative to Alexa but it could be annoying because the video stream is sluggish and freezes a lot. Not good 🙁

Well, perhaps it cold work better for you depending on your devices,

Anyway, now you know how to cast wyze cam to chromecast.

Good luck and please share this article.

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