Why is my Wyze Cam black and white?

Here's the question: "Why is my Wyze Cam black and white?"

If you are trying to understand why this is happening, you've got to the right place.

Wyze cam black and white mode

The Wyze Cam uses infrared lights to illuminate the room and switches to black and white mode because this is how the night vision works.

You can enable or disable the night mode if you want to.

Let's understand how to check the camera configuration.

Why the Wyze Cam switches to black and white?

The camera switches to the night mode automatically every time the light in the environment is not enough, thus showing everything in black and white.

If you look at the camera in a dark place you can see the LEDs that are used to trow some light in the room, the camera has a sensor to identify when the level of illumination is not good and turns on these infrared LEDs.

As long as the room where the camera is located is dark its quite normal to see the black and white image, but if it's still that way in the daytime, something is wrong.

Check the Wyze Cam night mode settings

If the camera is using the automatic night mode it will work properly and switch to color in daytime and to black and white at nighttime. 

If the night mode setting was changed the camera could keep the night mode all the time and that causes the black and white issue.

Check the Wyze Cam night mode, 

Click the gear at the to right;

Wyze cam gea

Check the Advanced Settings...

Wyze cam night mode menu

Click the "Advanced Settings" to check the camera night mode.

Here is the description of each mode:

OFF: The infrared LED is always off (no night vision enabled).

AUTO: The  infrared LED is enabled when light is not enough.

ON: The  infrared LED is enabled all the time.

Just change the mode to "Auto" so the camera can work properly.

This is the default mode and should work fine.

Wyze cam color mode


Just in case you changed the mode and your camera is still not working just reset it to the factory default settings. If it still doesn't work talk to the customer support team via the official Wyze Cam website.

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