Can a Stolen Ring Doorbell Be Used?

Ring doorbells are designed to protect you from possible burglars, not become the target of one. Sure enough, a fancy doorbell may attract thieves who wonder what else is inside your home. This article will cover whether a stolen Ring doorbell can be used.

Is it possible to gain access to a stolen Ring doorbell? 

A Ring Doorbell will only function if it is connected to its base. Some crooks may try to sell it for its parts, while others will try to utilize it for personal gain.

Nevertheless, it is impossible to recover your Ring Doorbell after being stolen. This is because it is not equipped with tracking features, and it might be something to look for in future Ring products, I hope. 😉

Since Ring’s products do not have tracking technologies that would allow you to find your stolen property, there’s no need for you to go looking for your doorbell and risk putting yourself in danger.

The Ring Doorbell would be reusable if a burglar stole it.

He just needs to follow a reset process and then set up the ring video doorbell again.

So, indeed, a thief may use your Ring Doorbell again. However, the essential part is that Ring has rules in place that will assist its consumers in these instances, which you will learn about in this post.

The camera will no longer operate after your Ring Doorbell has been removed from your home. This is due to the loss of power and failure to connect to the Wi-Fi.

You don’t have to be concerned about a criminal utilizing your Ring Doorbell to access your information since they’d require your Ring account details.

The importance of a subscription

The good news in this circumstance is that you can acquire a recording of the theft with the Ring Subscription plan, either the Basic or Premier plan. 

This allows you to access your Ring cloud and view the most recent recorded video to determine who did it. Remember that what you do with this video will significantly impact Ring’s theft policy and how long it takes to get a replacement doorbell.

The theft Policy of Ring 

You will be given a new Ring replacement for your trouble if you have significant proof of theft for your stolen Ring Doorbell or any other Ring device. 

To acquire a new Ring replacement, Ring asks you to complete specific steps. These are the actions to take: 

Take photographs of the evidence.

Avoid touching anything in the vicinity of your Ring Doorbell. Instead, take photographs of anything unusual that might lead you to the perpetrator.

Use these photos, along with the last recorded video on the cloud before it was stolen, to do the following step.  

Begin by filing a police report 

This police report is for your advantage and provides Ring with the information they need to acknowledge the theft. It is suggested that you inform the police as soon as you detect your Ring Doorbell is gone.

A copy of the policy report will then be supplied to you once you have filed it. You’ll need this copy of the police report to show Ring for verification after it’s been logged. This item will be the deciding factor in whether or not you receive a replacement. 

Speak with Ring

Next, fill out the form on the Ring page to report the theft directly to the company. Ring might take up to 14 days to verify the police report and send you your replacement.

You may assist the process by following the above procedures and gathering as much information as possible before contacting Ring. 

For those who do want to utilize Ring’s replacement service, there are a few reminders:


If the Ring Doorbell is linked to a case of fraud after you have contacted them, they have the right to reject any further service related to your case.

Please keep in mind that you only have 15 days to report the theft. You will no longer be able to make a case once this period has expired.

Tit for Tat

Ring will only replace the same device; thus, your device will not be upgradeable. They will only give you the same gadget that was taken from you. 

How to Avoid Having Your Ring Doorbell Stolen 

Some Ring Doorbell users claim that it just takes a burglar 15 seconds to remove the doorbell altogether. Thus, it is crucial to do your best to put a barrier between them and your Ring.

While there are workarounds, you should have a piece of mind knowing that a thief will have a more difficult time removing your Ring Doorbell. The following are some strategies to keep your Ring Doorbell from being stolen: 

Be vigilant

Keep track of illegal behavior in your neighborhood with the Ring Neighbors app. If you see anything, speak up and report it.

Wrap it or lose it

To make it that much harder to steal, wrap your Ring Doorbell with an anti-theft grid box. 

Updates and additions

Make sure the system is up to date in order to take advantage of improved security features. Near your Ring Doorbell, place a security camera with a light. 

The more you upgrade and add to your home’s security system, the safer it will become.


Ring is on your side. With a bit of information and proof, they will be able to provide you with a replacement. This makes Ring an even more trustworthy brand that gives you another reason why you should invest!

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