Can Blink Outdoor Cameras Get Wet?

The outdoor wireless camera Blink, part of the Amazon brand, is one of the most popular security cameras on the market today. It makes you wonder if the Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet.

Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet

There’s a considerable possibility your Blink wireless camera will get wet if it’s installed outside as intended; especially in states like Florida, where there can be a lot of rain.

Yet, the Blink Outdoor camera is weatherproof with an IP65 rating. Thus, you don’t have much to worry about; but you should still take precautions to ensure your camera lasts a long time.

Is it true that Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet? 

Blink cameras are water-resistant, which means they have a waterproof-like covering on the interior that keeps water out. 

These cameras are designed to withstand moderate levels of moisture in the environment, and Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet, but they are not built for full submersion.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the exterior of the Blink security camera is weatherproof, but the interior is not. 

There isn’t any protection from the water inside the battery compartment of a Blink security camera. Excessive moisture in the battery compartment will very certainly come into touch with some of the electrical components. 

Keep in mind that while the exterior of the Blink security camera housing is built for outdoor use, the interior is a battery-powered electric circuit.

While the water splashing outside the camera won’t go inside your batteries, a collection of standing water in the battery compartment can cause them to corrode and wreak havoc on the terminals, thus breaking the camera. 

This outdoor security camera from Blink is designed to work in normal or usual weather conditions, even if there is a tiny amount of water in the battery compartment. 

However, a large amount of water in the battery compartment might make the camera useless in most cases. 

If water does gather in the camera, not all is lost. Water invading the camera’s internal parts does not imply that the camera is broken, but it can get severely damaged.

However, you can do a few things to maintain your security camera performing at its best. For instance, when it’s time to replace the batteries in the Blink security camera, you should be cautious to avoid water troubles.

How can I keep my Blink Outdoor camera dry and protected?

Much like putting your phone in a case for protection, using a case to protect your Blink Outdoor camera from moisture and water is a simple solution to add an additional boundary to keep water out. 

Check your camera’s model before buying a case. The cases for the conventional blink outdoor camera and the wireless Blink XT outdoor camera are different.

It All Comes Down to Location 

Think before installing because Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet

If you live in a region where heavy rains are prevalent; Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet. Therefore, the location where you install your Blink camera will determine how well it works. 

Even in temperate climates, do not place your Blink camera in full sunlight or in areas with bad weather; especially if you get a lot of heavy rain each year. 

Additionally, attempt to locate your Blink security camera where it will not be in the way of water collection or runoff; such as beneath a rain gutter’s endcap. 

Heavy rains can quickly fill and overflow a gutter even if your gutters are clean and clear of debris. 

Your Blink may not be able to withstand that level of water immersion for very long before it stops working. 

Another thing to remember is that the outside of the Blink security camera is weatherproof. 

It’s a camera that’s perfect to mount outside your house. The inside of the cameras design is the exact opposite. 

The Two-Year Must-Have Battery Replacement 

Although Blink stretches two-year battery life, you will need to replace them at some point. When it comes to changing the batteries on the Blink security camera, one of the most common complaints is that it takes too long. 

Regardless of time, you spend some additional minutes inspecting the seams on your camera’s battery box; you want to make sure that your water-resistant security equipment stays that way.

When you finish, ensure the battery box on the back of the camera is secure and close it. Some Blink owners even recommend covering the battery compartment’s borders with silicon. 


It is no secret that Blink by Amazon’s wireless security camera is a great purchase. But customers must understand that the camera is water-resistant but not waterproof, so you’ll want to plan where you’ll put it ahead of time. 

The term “water resistant” does not mean “waterproof.” The Blink, according to Amazon, will provide you with year-round situational awareness of what is happening outside your house, regardless of the weather. 

Thus, the Blink wireless security camera will work as expected and can handle water exposure; but how much water is around the camera will determine where you place it. 

Verify that the Blink security camera has adequate sun protection and is not immediately in the route of constant running water. 

The outer housing is water-resistant; and hundreds of thousands of homeowners rave about how effectively it performs in both sunny and stormy weather. 

What Should You Do If Water is in the Battery Compartment? 

So, what do you do if you want to change the batteries in your Blink external camera and it’s full of water?

Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet; but it should only be slightly and not directly. Before you go out and buy another one, you might want to give a few things a try first. 

  1. Bring the camera inside after removing it from its mounting enclosure. 
  2. Shake the Blink gently to remove as much water as you can. 
  3. You can use a soft cloth to soak up any lingering visible dampness at this point. 

Remember that the camera’s electronic circuitry may still have moisture droplets on it. So you have two alternatives at this point, both of which will work. 

  1. Allowing the camera to rest in a dry, open location. This will take a few days but might be enough for the more patient security camera owner. 
  2. If you’re feeling exposed and need the security camera back up and running soon; consider using a hair dryer on low or no heat for around thirty minutes.

In conclusion

A wireless, battery-operated security camera is an affordable safety device that every house should have. Especially during this technological era of home awareness and protection.

Overall, the important thing is to keep the water out of the internal circuits of your Blink Outdoor camera. In a way, Blink Outdoor cameras can get wet; but they should not be under direct rain or any water stream.

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