How to improve the Ring Video doorbell sound quality

Is your doorbell ringing? Can you barely hear it? In this post, I will cover how to enhance and improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell.

improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell.

A Ring doorbell is a beneficial device and terrific addition to any property. It provides a sense of protection and safety, as well as the ability for homeowners to converse with guests at their front door and see who is approaching their home. 

On the other hand, residents find a ring doorbell with low sound quality inconvenient and vulnerable. The device’s sound settings and WiFi connectivity are the most common causes of ring doorbell sound quality concerns. 

If you’re wondering how to increase the sound quality of your ring doorbell, don’t worry; we’ll cover that in the next section. However, if you want to know why your Ring Chime is not ringing, check out my other article.

Troubleshooting to improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell

A Ring Video Doorbell offers capabilities that let you speak with individuals via a microphone or an app. Try the troubleshooting steps listed below if the audio quality is poor to improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell.

Determine the signal’s intensity. 

You may get a general estimate of the network strength by standing adjacent to the doorbell and doing a speed test on your mobile device. Before starting the test, make sure you’re connected to the WiFi network. 

To access download or upload speeds, utilize services such as, or However, because the doorbell cam is placed against the exterior surface, measurements taken with your mobile device may differ from those taken with Doorbell Cam. 

To achieve optimal performance, the upload speed on the mobile device should be at least 3 Mbs. Remember to verify the Doorbell Camera’s connection to WiFi in the settings. 

By checking Gadget Health in the app, you can always know when the Ring device is receiving a strong signal. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. To begin, open the app and navigate to Device Health. 
  2. Check to see if the router is within acceptable limits. 
  3. If it isn’t, conduct more tests to determine the source of the problem. 
  4. Check the distance to the router and connect using your mobile data if possible. 

You’ll be able to figure out what needs to be fixed as a result of this. If the walls around the router or the distance are the issues, you have two alternatives for resolving them. 

To begin, you might move the router closer to the device or use a Wi-Fi-F extender. 

You should contact your Internet service provider if the issue is a network connection or a malfunctioning router. Consider updating your WiFi, which will allow you to replace your router with a more current one.

Check your Internet Connection Speed 

Check your download and upload speeds to discover whether the poor video quality is due to sluggish download or upload rates. If your computer or mobile device is linked to the same internet network as the Ring, you may test it immediately from there., for example, may be used to run a speed test. The minimum download and upload rates for the regular 720p Ring video doorbell must be at least 1 Mbps. 

Strong performance needs a high level of speed; thus, a lack of performance will affect the speed levels. However, 2 Mbps will be necessary for Ring devices with a 1080p resolution. 

Connecting to the router that supports a 2.4GHz band will assist your network outside your house to perform quicker. Furthermore, the 2.4GHz frequency easily penetrates home walls, resulting in a stronger signal at the doorbell. 

Make adjustments to the router’s settings to improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell.

If two of the previous causes aren’t to blame for your Ring video doorbell‘s poor audio quality, you may move on to more tougher problems. 

Regrettably, you’ll have to tamper with the router settings right now. Examine the router’s channel and make any required changes. Check to see if your Ring device is on the correct router channel. 

Wireless networks, in case you didn’t know, utilize a variety of communication routes. In the United States, for example, 2.4 GHz channels range from 1 to 11. In comparison, other nations utilize channels 1-13.

If you’re utilizing the 5GHz spectrum, you’ll require channels 36 through 165. Congested channels might be the source of your device’s poor sound quality. 

This might be due to night vision or interference, both of which can be readily remedied by switching the router channel.

Switch to a less congested channel. 

If you’re experiencing difficulties with crowded channels, try adjusting the router’s channel to 1, 6, or 11. This prevents the router from overlapping with other channels, resulting in poor Wi-Fi-F transmissions in your house. 

Consider utilizing the WiFi Analyzer app. 

To further improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell, you should discover crowded channels. 

You may always utilize a WiFi signal analyzer for Android devices. You may also use it if you understand how to utilize the router. 

Make sure you do this if you’re having issues with setup, audio, video quality, or notification delays. 

Make sure you reset the device after you’ve tried the options above. It’s possible it was cut off from WiFi signals, which you mistook for something else. 

Reconnect the Ring video doorbell to the network and repeat the setup procedure.

Extenders for WiFi should be installed. 

You may increase the performance of your doorbell chime by expanding the network’s range. The closest to the Ring Doorbell, the better. 

The best distance is generally midway between the video doorbell Cam and the network. Consider trying out various places and comparing the outcomes to help you choose the ideal one. 

WiFi extenders are widely available and are an inexpensive way to spread your connection to the router farther into various points of the home.

Upgrade your Internet service in advance. 

Keep in mind that if you have a slower internet service plan, all of your connected devices will share the signal, which will reduce the video Doorbell Cam connection power. 

On the other hand, if the overall internet service is good, your connection is likely to improve.

Make an attempt to move the wireless router. 

One of the most common causes of poor sound and video quality on your Ring video doorbell is the distance between the router and the doorbell. 

There are occasions when you may assume yours is close enough to the router; nevertheless, moving the router closer to the door and observing whether the connection improves may be advantageous. 

In the existing arrangement, moving the wireless router closer to the video doorbell cam will assist boost two-way audio and two-way speak performance. And this will only improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell.

In sum

Sound quality concerns with Ring doorbell wiring may be resolved at home in a short amount of time. Devices made by companies as good as Ring always make troubleshooting simple for their users.

Overall, it is not hard to improve the sound quality of the Ring Doorbell. Whether it is a lack of WiFi or the router’s placement, it is quite easy to fix and get your Ring working properly once again.

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