Why is my Ring Chime not Ringing?

Nowadays, most homes have smart Ring Chimes, but some still prefer the classic, old ones. Regardless of their type, people expect the Ring to last and endure for a long time.

A Ring Chime is a common household appliance that has vastly changed the way people approach your home. Interestingly, these devices can often have a very long life span.

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Yet, they might malfunction at times. One major yet easily resolvable issue with most Ring Doorbells is that they suddenly go silent. If your quiet Ring Chime has been annoying you recently, you’ve come to the perfect spot. 

Let’s put an end to your quest for an answer to the query you’ve been asking everyone: why is my Ring Chime not ringing

Ring Chime not ringing

The good news is that a quiet ring chime is simple to repair. 

However, you must first understand why it is silent. There might be a variety of causes for your Ring Chime’s quietness, whether it’s mechanical or smart programming. 

Read on to find out some of the most common causes of faulty Ring chimes.

Battery is low

You can’t expect to make a phone call with a dead phone, can you? The same applies to all electronics. Keep an eye on the battery life of your smart Ring Chime, especially if you disabled notifications and can’t tell if the battery is low.

When the battery in most newly installed smart Ring Chimes expires, they cease ringing. Users frequently enable the warning alerts to be notified when the Chime’s battery is running low to keep this from happening. 

However, your doorbell’s charge may stop working at any time. 

Looking out for the battery percentage once in a while is recommended, as with a dead Ring, you will not be receiving any alerts. 

Allowing your Ring Chime’s battery to run dry can cause damage to the speaker and other components, in addition to ringing troubles. This might shorten the life span of your Ring Chime, which is something you don’t want. 

This is why the battery in your bell must be given first priority and is the first thing that must be checked for in any situation where your Ring is not working.

If you find that the battery is dead, recharge fully and place it back and test it out. If you are lucky, this has already answered your question about why is the Ring Chime not ringing! However, if it is still giving you issues, we have more reasons that can be keeping your Ring silent.

Extreme Weathering

It’s possible that your Ring Chime isn’t ringing because it’s been exposed to excessive heat or cold. The performance of smart Ring Chimes installed outside is mainly affected by the weather. 

These bells are frequently left exposed to bright sunshine or snow. This is why they are set to switch off automatically when extreme weather is detected. This function prevents the inner circuit of the chime from overheating. 

The bell will continue to ring usually once the temperature returns to normal. If your Ring Chime isn’t sounding, you might have to check the weather outdoors. Do you live in a particularly cold area? Is your Ring exposed to direct sunlight?

If you believe it is outside the ideal range, it is essential to take precautions to safeguard the Ring Chime. Installing the chime in the shadow will ensure that it works even under the harshest weather conditions.

Internal Damage to the Ring Chime 

Apart from the external circuit, the inner components and connection of your Ring Chime are also important. Much like your body, you have to take care of the inside, even if it is not visible.

Your device may shatter from the inside over time and with repeated use. The wire within worn-out Ring devices frequently rusts and fails, leaving the chime mute. 

While it’s generally difficult to repair the Ring in these situations, you may inspect the inner wiring for damage with a multi-meter. It’s preferable to submit the Ring Chime to an expert for repair if the wires within have tiny breaks.

Broken Circuit Or Disconnected Wires 

One of the most prevalent causes of a quiet ring chime is this. Different components make up most doorbells. Some of these components must be installed outside the home, while others must be installed inside. 

For instance, some Ring devices are connected to an outlet for continuous use and thus, have no battery to be recharged. Nevertheless, if the wire is damaged, it might keep your device from working correctly.

All of these ring chime elements are connected in a precise way, no matter where you put them. The bell works because of this precise link. 

To achieve this connection, simple copper wires are used in even the most complex Ring Chimes. These wires are usually protected by an insulating layer and are rarely broken. They will, however, eventually wear out. 

These wires may even break or separate from one another after enough use. When the outer and inner components of the bell lose their connection, it can quickly result in a quiet ring chime. 

If your ring chime appears to be in good working order but does not ring, it might be due to loosened wires. To get your doorbell to work again, try tightening the circuit.

In short

Most of the time, usage over long periods of time can damage the device. Though it can be repaired at home, anything that deals with wires should be dealt with by a professional.

If you bought your Ring with insurance, it would be the time to activate it and use it, or you may contact the Ring company directly and see what can be done for you. The ultimate goal is to secure your home and be alerted when you have a notification, or someone rings your doorbell.

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