How to know if a Ring Doorbell is recording

How do you catch vital video footage if you don’t know when your Ring Doorbell is recording? You can rest easy knowing that your Ring Doorbell is recording, and you’ll have proof if anything goes wrong. 

Many people consider their Ring Doorbell to be their first line of defense against danger. In the long run, knowing when your Ring Doorbell is recording may save you a lot of worries.

What are the signs that a Ring Doorbell is recording? The Ring app or the red light on the physical Ring Doorbell will tell you that it is recording. 

Is My Ring Doorbell Capturing Video? 

When your Ring Doorbell begins to record, you will be alerted through the Ring app. Another method is to step outside and look for the little red LED light on your front porch, which signals that your Ring Doorbell is recording. 

Various things cause your Ring Doorbell to start recording: 

  • Doorbell Rings
  • Activated Motion
  • Manual Recording 
  • Sound

There are a few reasons why your Ring Doorbell could not be recorded. It’s also beneficial to understand how long your Ring doorbell records.

Problems With Your Ring Doorbell’s Recording 

Your Ring Doorbell may now be having trouble connecting to your Ring app. This makes using the Live View function and starting the recording process difficult. 

When you try to view the Live View, you’ll get a warning that says, “We’re experiencing problems connecting to your Ring Video Doorbell.” 

When you receive this message, there is a problem with the data transfer between your Ring Doorbell and the Ring app. The following are possible causes: 

  • Your internet connection is unreliable and is not connecting to the router.
  • A sluggish Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Your Internet upload and download speeds are lagging.

Ring Doorbell to Router Connection Issues 

The signal strength between your Ring Doorbell and your network must be robust. The only method to watch videos from your Ring Doorbell is on the Ring app. You may verify the strength of your Ring Doorbell’s Wi-Fi signal by doing the following: 

  1. On your smartphone, open the Ring app. 
  2. Under My Devices, tap on your Ring Doorbell. 
  3. After that, press the Device Health button. 
  4. Scroll down to Signal Strength on the Device Health page for your Ring Doorbell. It’s possible that the connection isn’t the problem if it’s Very Good, Good, or Fair. It might be your issue if it is “Very Poor” or “Poor.”

Ring offers customer care agents that are eager to assist you if you are still unable to figure out or resolve your recording issue. 

Internet and Smartphone Connectivity 

Make sure your smartphone or tablet is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Ring Doorbell anytime you interact with it. Check your phone’s strength of your network signal and if both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. 

Wi-Fi speed is determined by several factors, the most important of which is the distance between you and the signal. If there are impediments in the way of your Wi-Fi signal reaching you, you may need to reconsider where the router should be placed. 

Slow Upload and Download Speeds

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) sets a minimum download speed of 25 Megabits per second (Mbps). However, anything more than that is OK. Ring works best at 2 Mbps upload and download rates. 

When checking your Internet speeds, though, be cautious. 

Your Internet will grow slower the more devices you connect to a router. 

You can have a router that transmits at 100 Mbps, but you also have: 

  • Consoles for gaming 
  • Three smart televisions 
  • Ring Doorbell
  • Several smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers 

All of these devices connected to that 100 Mbps router will cause a dull connection. Purchasing an extra router can accommodate all of your and your family’s necessities. 

Use an Internet speed test to find out how fast your upload and download speeds are. Even if no one else is online, your Internet will become slower during specific peak hours. 

During these peak hours, the Internet network you belong to has other customers, and those people are all on the Internet simultaneously, clogging it up. As a result, even if you are not gaming or streaming movies, you may suffer some slowness at night when everyone is back home from work.

Ring Customer Service can assist you. 

You can contact Ring’s support agents if you are unable to resolve your recording difficulties on your own. If you give them permission, they will look at your video recordings related to assisting you and solving your problem after telling them about your recording problem. 

You can also provide Ring restricted and short-term access to all of your video recordings. Suppose you believe that specific videos will not assist the support agents in resolving the recording issue. In that case, you do not have to give them permission to see them.

In short

Overall, Ring Doorbell won’t always function at 100%. However, there are reasons behind it. The internet connection is the most crucial part of your Ring Doorbell being able to work. 

You also have to ensure that your phone or device is connected to the same router to keep all of it working. If the Internet doesn’t work, you can always call or chat with Ring customer service, and they can aid you through the process or even send an expert out to fix it.

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