How to use Bluetooth headphones with Hisense TV

Bluetooth speakers have become one of the most popular gadgets. Is it possible to enjoy the benefits of Bluetooth headphones with a Hisense TV

 Besides listening to music and viewing movies without having to share audio with others, Bluetooth headphones tend to come in handy. But not every electronic gadget, such as TVs, works alongside them. This TV is so cool you can even control a Hisense TV with Alexa!

Can you use Bluetooth headphones with a Hisense TV?

Yes, absolutely you can! The Hisense television has Bluetooth built-in, allowing you to connect your wireless headphones and enjoy whatever you’re viewing on TV without having to share your audio. 

However, not all Hisense TVs have Bluetooth connectivity. 

Even after understanding this, all that remains is to figure out how to link your Bluetooth headphones to your television. Don’t worry; just keep reading because I’ll show you how to operate Bluetooth on your smart TV and other helpful information. 

How can I pair my Bluetooth device with my Hisense TV? 

It’s simple to connect your Bluetooth headphones to your Hisense TV. 

All you have to do is complete the following steps: 

  1. Take the remote control from your Hisense television. 
  2. Go to the menu. 
  3. Select the settings option by scrolling down and pressing it. 
  4. Look for the “Network” option on the screen and choose it. 
  5. Choose Bluetooth as your main mode of communication between your TV and headphones. 
  6. Take your headphones out of the bag and turn on the pairing mode(this will differ based on the model of headphones you own, such as Apple, Samsung, etc.) 
  7. Notice that the name of your headphones is displayed on your Hisense TV. Once it does so, pair them with the remote.

Let’s look at how to link AirPods to your Hisense TV now. 

What is the best way to connect my AirPods to my Hisense TV? 

Apple Airpods

Apple AirPods have been in the market for years on end, thus all the new upgrades such as the AirPod Pros; nevertheless, apart from all the recent advancements, the button for syncing continues to be the same.

Before starting, make sure they are charged; you can check this by opening the case and observing the color that flashes from the LED. If green, they are charged; however, if red, they need to set.

If the AirPods don’t flash at all, they are out of battery and need to be plugged in. When you are ready to pair, hold down the sync button until it turns white; you can pair the two together.

All you have to do to link your AirPods to your Hisense TV is: 

  1. Switch on the television. 
  2. Pair your AirPods with your phone. 
  3. Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. 
  4. Then choose “Devices.” 
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth function on your television. 
  6. Then, choose your AirPods from the list that appears on the screen to connect. 

What Can You Do If Your Hisense TV Isn’t Bluetooth Compatible? 

Suppose your Hisense television does not connect to Bluetooth directly. In that case, a Bluetooth transmitter may be purchased to bridge the gap between your wireless headset and your television. 

The gadget is inexpensive and can be put into the back of your television to allow you to connect to a variety of home devices. 

What Other Devices Can Your Wireless Headphones Be Connected To? 

You may use your headphones not just with Smart TVs but also with streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV. All you have to do is complete the following steps: 

  1. Go to the Settings tab. 
  2. Select “Remote and Accessories” from the drop-down menu. 
  3. Then select “Accessories.”
  4. Then connect your headphones

What Headphones Should I Use While Watching TV? 

Remember that there are many factors to consider when selecting the finest headphones, but the best way to guarantee that you get a cinematic experience is to make sure that your headphones are compatible with your television and have a decent overall sound. 

And, because not all television models include a Bluetooth option, the Bluetooth transmitter comes in useful, especially if you’re utilizing wireless headphones rather than cable headphones.

There are numerous alternatives to select from when it comes to purchasing a headphone that meets your needs, which may be somewhat confusing. But choose the ones that make you feel the most comfortable and fit your ears the best.

While some people, like myself, like AirPods Pro, which uses a silicone tip to fit nicely inside your ear and lets you have a noise cancelation or transparency as you wish. Others enjoy the comfort of more oversized headphones that cover their ears completely, up to you and your comfort level.

In short 

Bluetooth technology is becoming more popular as time passes, mainly because it allows devices to communicate with one another. 

This article covered how to connect your wireless headphones to your Hisense television. 

So, if you’re looking to buy a Hisense TV, be sure it has Bluetooth built-in if you don’t want to deal with the inconvenience of purchasing a Bluetooth transmitter. 

Apart from that, I hope you enjoy listening to your music, shows, and or movies without having to share it with anyone using your wireless headphones. Plus, it works great when you need a little time to yourself!

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