Control4 vs Creston: Which Home Automation System is Better?

When you're looking for a home automation system, it can be hard to know which one is the best option. So, let's Compare Control4 VS Creston.

Control4 VS Creston

There are many different systems on the market today that offer a variety of features and benefits. One such company is Control4, which provides everything from lighting control to security monitoring in your home.

On the other hand, Creston also offers an excellent home automation system with its Viya platform. 

This blog post will compare these two companies and determine which one is better for you!

How much is Crestron home automation?

Creston switches are around $30-50, and touch panels start at about the same price. So the total per room costs for Crestron's Viya system can be as low as $1,500, but it can go up to over $10,000 if you add custom programming or other features.

On the other hand, a complete Control4 System installation starts at just under $500, with additional devices costing between $50 and $200 each.

Control4 offers various kits, such as the Starter Kit (a starter kit for $999) or the Premium Home Automation System ($2499).

Which one has more devices compatibles?

Control4 has many systems that seamlessly work together, including lighting control, security monitoring, thermostats, home theater controls, and much more.

Creston is compatible with more than 500 devices, including motion sensors, door locks, and window shades.

Which one is easier to use?

Control4 is easy to use with touch screens or voice control features in a custom home theater room.

Creston has apps, too, but they work differently: Crestron's app controls the system while you're away from your house; it doesn't provide a live feed of what's happening at home as an alternative option for viewing.

What about installation?

Control4 installation is easy and straightforward since they have step-by-step instructions, live support 24/hours a day, and an installation team.

Crestron's app doesn't provide all the features Control4 offers, but it does install quickly with fewer wires to run or cut.

Crestron offers phone support for troubleshooting issues 24/hrs every day of the year with technicians who can remotely access their homes' systems via webcams and software tools like Team Viewer. They also offer professional installation.

Why is Crestron so expensive?

Creston is more expensive than Control4 mainly because of its sales model. It's sold by the square foot, meaning you have to buy enough sensors and devices to cover your property.

It also means that with every additional sensor, the added cost has an exponential increase! So you're looking at least $1500 upfront if you need even basic functionality.

Plus, they don't offer any sort of payment plans like Control4 does - which makes things difficult on customers who can't afford outright purchase right away.

Control4 Pros

  • Affordable prices
  • Easy to use 
  • Popular solution

Control4 Cons

  • Too much 3rd party integration for larger setups

Creston Pros

  • Wide range of products
  • Customizable solution
  • Designed for luxury homes
  • Lifetime warranty

Creston Cons

  • More expensive

Creston vs. Control4: Which one is better?

There's no simple answer about which home automation system is better; each one of them has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Crestron might be the best option if you have a lot of square footage to cover, but it will cost more at first, which is OK If the customers can't afford outright purchase right away.

Control4 is easier to use than Creston because everything is done through one app (or website). But their devices are less compatible with other systems in general, so that could make or break your automated home!

Both companies have good customer support and warranties for added peace of mind when deciding whether or not to buy from either company.

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