Do ADT sensors work with Ring?

The Ring company is becoming increasingly popular with its brand new devices full of features and various attributes. But in the security industry, compatibility is the name of the game. Which leads loyal ADT customers to a question: Do ADT sensors work with Ring?

Why is compatibility important?

Like a business, security systems have to communicate. The big boss has to have control of everything, and the managers control what is under them. So on and so forth. This metaphor can be applied to your home as well.

Big bosses can be Alexa and Google, which can control everything with a voice command. Under them would be the managers, such as Ring, ADT, and other security brands. Which then tells the sensors, cameras, etc., what to do.

Therefore, having all of your devices be compatible can further enhance your security as it is all under one roof and can communicate freely amongst themselves. However, not all devices and brands have made that connection and built that bridge just yet.

Thus, to make your house that much safer, you should invest in brands that are compatible with the devices you wish to use inside your home. 

This would mean excluding small brands to avoid this problem.

Do ADT sensors work with Ring?

In short, no. Ring is known for developing technology that is incompatible with other systems. However, from their point of view, it is clever marketing.

For instance, I have a Ring, and I adore being able to see who is in my front door; whether I have to open it to someone or the mailman dropped off a package, I am alerted wherever I am.

The lack of compatibility with other devices is because Ring wants you to invest extensively in their system rather than relying on third-party vendors for the majority of your needs. 

As a result, the majority of ADT systems will not work with Ring. Nevertheless, Ring can connect to Alexa and Google, making them a great addition to your home. However, they do not pair well with ADT.

If you have a wired ADT system, you can use a Retrofit kit to make it work with the Ring system. That bridge of communication between two devices can be built using other methods such as the inquiry of brands who specialize in the connection of the two. 

Why Ring and ADT cannot connect

For starters, you won’t be able to link your ADT wireless sensors to the Ring system. This is because Ring requires Z-Wave technology from your sensors. Thus, Ring cannot form a connection to your ADT sensors if you have a wireless ADT system. 

This technology will not support ADT sensors. They will never be able to connect to an ADT system as a result of this. If you have wired ADT sensors, this regulation does not apply. You might be able to convert these with the help of ADT’s Retrofit Kit.

What ADT sensors are compatible with Ring? 

Any ADT sensors in your system that are hardwired should operate with a Ring system. ADT has such an extensive product line that it is impossible to include all models that work with Ring in this post.

However, it is reasonable to assume that if your present sensors are connected, they will operate. But they won’t work straight away. 

Instead, you’ll need to ‘convert’ that system to a Ring-compatible system. To do so, the Retrofit Kit must be purchased in order to convert the system to a wireless system.

The Retrofit Kit

One Retrofit Kit is required for every eight sensors connected to the system. The Retrofit Kit will be permanently installed in the system. 

Typically, this will be done at the central alarm control panel. 

It’s worth mentioning that integrating the Retrofit Kit into the system is a lengthy procedure. 

The Retrofit Kit comes with a booklet that walks you through the whole process. 

However, keep in mind that it will need some electrical tinkering and the usage of a few essential tools. People who aren’t familiar with alarm system wiring should contact a professional installation for assistance.

The connecting process

Assuming your ADT sensors are compatible with the Ring system, getting everything set up is a breeze. As previously stated, you must have the Retrofit Kit installed. 

You’ll need to add the Retrofit Kit (or Retrofit Kits) to the Ring app once they’ve been installed and activated.

The bottom line

If you have a wireless ADT system, you will not be able to use it with the Ring system. ADT sensors aren’t truly compatible with Ring out of the box, at least not now. 

However, if you have a wired ADT sensor system, you may connect it to the Ring Retrofit Kit. Everything should operate fine with the Ring system once the sensors are linked to it.

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