Dyson V6 Flashing a Red Light (How To Fix)

The Dyson V6 cordless vacuum is one of the company’s most popular items regarding cordless vacuums. Let’s see why your Dyson V6 is flashing red lights.

This handy vacuum can get into those hard-to-reach places, mainly because there’s no cable to get in the way. But you could be left scratching your head if your Dyson V6 has a flashing red light. 

If you know what you’re looking for, the LED indication on Dyson’s cordless vacuum makes troubleshooting a breeze. In this post, I’ll walk you through how to fix a Dyson V6 cordless vacuum’s flashing red light.

What Does a Dyson V6 Flashing Red Light Mean? 

Near the charging port on the Dyson V6 cordless vacuum is an LED indicator. Much like the ADT Doorbell Camera Blinks Red when it detects an issue, the same applies to the Dyson V6.

When the LED indication on a Dyson V6 flashes red when the vacuum is either on or charging, it implies the battery is faulty, and the vacuum cannot be powered on or charged. 

The Dyson V6’s battery will need to be changed to address the flashing red light issue. 

Dyson’s LED indicator is located near the device’s charging port. To troubleshoot difficulties with your equipment, you must first understand what the various colors and flashing states imply. 

The LED indicator will display a particular color unless your Dyson V6 cordless vacuum is turned off. 

steady blue light on a Dyson V6 vacuum, for example, is not the same as a flashing blue light. If you’re unsure what that flashing red light on your Dyson V6 indicates, keep reading to learn about the Dyson V6’s lights!

While the Dyson V6 is turned on

The LED indicator on your Dyson V6 cordless vacuum will show one of four colors when you are using it. Each one has its own meaning, providing you with unique insight into the state of your Dyson product. 

Solid Blue Light

A steady blue light radiates when your Dyson V6 is turned on, indicating that your cordless vacuum is working properly. This is basically your go-ahead to know everything is where it should be.

Blue Light Flashing

When the solid blue light on your powered Dyson V6 turns flashing blue, it signals your vacuum has run out of battery and needs to be charged. 

The flashing blue light will be fixed by connecting your V6 to its charging dock. 

Amber Light Flashing 

When you turn on your Dyson V6, and an amber light starts blinking, it usually indicates a power outage caused by a momentary issue. 

An amber light flashing on your Dyson V6 usually signifies your vacuum is too hot or cold to work. 

Red Light Flashing

If your Dyson V6 is flashing red lights, it indicates an issue much like the flashing amber light. 

A powered Dyson that starts flashing red light, on the other hand, usually indicates a more significant problem with the device’s battery. 

This issue is most likely stopping your Dyson V6 from turning on.

While the Dyson V6 is charging 

The LED indicator on your Dyson V6 vacuum will change color when it is charging. This allows you to monitor the charging process and, in the case of a problem, correctly diagnose the issue. 

Solid Blue Light

A steady blue light indicates that your Dyson V6 is charging effectively when you plug it into the base. 

The Light Turns Off 

When a solid blue light turns off, your Dyson V6 vacuum has completed its charge.

Solid Amber Light

A steady amber light on a charging Dyson V6 indicates that the vacuum is unable to charge owing to a momentary problem. 

This is usually caused by a temperature-related problem with a vacuum that is either too hot or too cold. 

Red Light Flashing

When Dyson V6 is flashing red lights as it is put in to charge, it indicates a battery problem. 

The battery is unable to charge due to this issue. Continue reading to learn how to fix a Dyson V6 with a flashing red light on the LED indicator!

Repairing a Dyson V6 Cordless Vacuum’s Flashing Red Light 

Now you are aware of what the different colors and states of the Dyson V6‘s LED indicator mean. As previously said, a flashing red light indicates a problem with your cordless vacuum’s battery. 

The only solution to this problem is replacing the Dyson V6 vacuum battery. 

Fortunately, the same battery is used in all Dyson V6 vacuum models. The matter causing the flashing red light will be resolved once you purchase and install a replacement battery

The Dyson V6 comes with a two-year limited warranty. The guarantee is, however, subject to the manufacturer’s restrictions. 

When it comes to a battery that is malfunctioning due to age or use, the limited warranty does not cover the cost of replacement. 

However, according to the Dyson V6 user handbook, you should call the Dyson hotline first before ordering a replacement battery for your vacuum. 

The Dyson customer service line will be able to tell you what your warranty still covers. Fortunately, Dyson has made getting in touch with them and changing parts of your Dyson equipment, such as the battery, as simple as possible!

Getting in touch with the Dyson Helpline 

You should contact Dyson’s customer care staff before purchasing a replacement battery for your Dyson V6 cordless vacuum. 

Follow the manufacturer instructions when troubleshooting a flashing red light on your Dyson V6 vacuum. 

A Dyson manual can walk you through many options for repairing your Dyson V6 vacuum cleaner. However, Dyson’s official website offers the possibility of contacting a representative. 

Dyson features a live chat facility on their website to help diagnose probable product defects as straightforwardly as possible. 

If you go to Dyson’s website and click the live chat icon, you’ll be able to talk to a support person regarding your V6 vacuum!

Purchasing a Dyson V6 Replacement Battery 

As discussed before, you’ll need to replace the battery if your Dyson V6 is flashing red lights. If you need a new battery that Dyson doesn’t cover, you may easily get one from the company’s website. 

When it comes to battery changes, Dyson always advises utilizing only genuine Dyson components and replacement parts. 

To purchase an authentic new battery for your Dyson V6, go to the manufacturer’s official website’s Support area or a safe distributor.

Select the Vacuum Cleaner category on this page first, followed by the Cordless Vacuum category. 

The Dyson V6 range should now be visible! Dyson will include all of the different models, which are differentiated by the color of the vacuums. 

All V6 vacuums, however, utilize the same battery. Alternatively, you can enter the serial number of your product to be sent to the appropriate page. 

Finally, there’s a section where you can buy official vacuum replacement components, such as a docking station or a charger. 

A replacement battery for your V6 will also be available for $95.99. The flashing red light will be a thing of the past with a new battery!

Final Thoughts

I’ve walked you through the steps to troubleshoot your Dyson V6 flashing red lights in this post. 

When the LED indicator flashes red, it indicates that the device’s battery is malfunctioning. The cordless vacuum’s battery must be replaced with a functional battery to resolve this issue.

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